Civilization Cure Or Disease Essay Research Paper

Civilization Remedy Or Disease Essay, Research PaperUpon tossing to the concern subdivision of the New York Times an Ohio University pupil saw a startling headline glowering back at her American Corporations Suspected In Millions of Third World Deaths. As she read the article it became evident that international corporations many of which were based in the United States exploit the poorest of the hapless. These companies paid workers highly low rewards and exposed them to risky stuffs with out any protection. Working conditions were insecure and frequently lead to wellness jobs. It appeared that bondage was alive and good in the name of Global Industrialization. Even more shocking was the fact that this new signifier of bondage was besides present within our ain boundary lines.

Migrant workers and illegal foreigners were going an increasing per centum of America s labour force. These workers were paid good below lower limit pay for occupations, which frequently put their wellness if non their life in hazard.It appeared that America s industrial imperium was built upon the development of the hapless throughout the universe. Often adult females and kids were the victims of the Global Market Economy.

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The article stated that 1000000s of goods were produced by kids every bit immature as 6 in 3rd universe and developing states. Companies bring forthing these goods claimed that it was non slave labour they claimed it was the efficient usage of human resources for production. It seemed that companies in their desire of advancement and net income were suppressing the universe s poorest states and their citizens.This is non a new phenomenon it has gone on through history ; the strong oppress the weak. What is astonishing though is the fact that industrialised states all consider themselves to be the most civilised societies in the universe. Industrial powers view less developed states as backwards which is a equivalent word for brutal. But are the societies of industrially advanced states truly the most civil? This is the inquiry Montaigne raised over 400 old ages ago in his paper entitled Of Cannibals.

Throughout history it seems that the most technologically advanced societies are the most powerful. And the most powerful states view themselves as the most civilised people in the universe. But what precisely are the specifying properties of a civilised society? Harmonizing to Webster s Third International Dictionary a civilisation is: an ideal province of human civilization, characterized by complete absence of brutality and non-rational behaviour, optimal use of physical, cultural, religious, and human resources, and perfect accommodation of the person within the societal model. By this definition it is clear that no powerful state is civilized.While America does non run into the definition of civilisation, we are technically educating other states. In other words we are coercing a peculiar foreign cultural form on other populations.

Few would reason that many states and civilizations are traveling through a procedure of Americanization through the usage of our monolithic media and advertisement imperiums. This is besides non a new development powerful imperiums frequently try to distribute their civilization, Alexander the Great instituted Hellenization around 330 BCE. But non on the degree that is taking topographic point today.

This effort to alter foreign civilizations into our civilization iscogent evidence that we believe it is the best civilization presently available. Traveling back in history we can see that in the yearss of Alexander the Great s imperium foreign civilizations were viewed as Barbaric. Today we prefer the words: backwards, developing, or sort them as the 3rd universe. The term 3rd universe is highly interesting if they are the 3rd universe industrial states we must be the first universe.

Them term 3rd universe blatantly declares our belief that our society is the best. But is Western society the best signifier of a civilisation the universe has to offer?Montaigne asked this same inquiry over 400 old ages ago. In his paper Of man-eaters he discusses the difference between European society and a freshly discovered society of the native people in present twenty-four hours Brazil.

At the clip of his composing this new civilization was considered to be barbarian and barbaric. It is common to depict foreign civilizations as barbaric since as Montaigne points out each adult male calls brutality whatever is non his ain pattern ( 77 ) . He explains this farther by saying It seems we have no other trial of truth and ground than the illustration and form of sentiments and imposts of the state we live in ( 77 ) . Montaigne was the first philosopher to oppugn the premise we use while judging assorted civilizations. That premise is that our society and civilization is the best and hence the most civilised.

This premise that our civilization and society is the criterion to judge all others by is absurd. How can western society, which has killed 1000000s of people in the name of advancement, believe that we live the most civil lives? Western society has produced most of the jobs presently impacting the human experience. Montaigne opened the doors of critical self-judgement. Through this room access we can see that we excessively have defects. While it is improbably easy to indicate out the defects of others it is highly hard to indicate out what flaws we jointly possess as a society.The sum of restraint placed on one s ain perceptual experience of the universe by one s civilization and societal upbringing is tremendous.

Western society stresses the importance of the person and being an person so much that frequently we lose sight of the cosmopolitan kernel of being a human being. Our perceptual experiences have become so egoistic and focused on ourselves that frequently we are incognizant of the effects of our actions on others. The native people of Brazil in 1557 had a greater sense of civility than western society has likely of all time possessed.Western society believes that we must go on to come on in order to recognize a genuinely civil society. The premise is that at some point in the hereafter we will possess adequate engineering and cognition that a genuinely civil society will emerge.

With all the progresss made in the twentieth century we must be acquiring near. If the premise that advancement leads to civility is true why is western, particularly American society, falling into pandemonium? Possibly our society s premise that advancement leads to civility is incorrect. Our engineering and cognition is so advanced but we are no longer civil we have become a society of slaves. We are slaves to come on and one of the oldest frailties of world greed. Although greed is no thirster looked down upon it s praised as position and aspiration.

If Montaigne were alive today opportunities are he would hold.340


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