Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Civil Rights Essay Research Paper One night

Civil Rights Essay Research Paper One night

Civil Rights Essay, Research Paper

One dark John Doe is driving down the expressway and is pulled over for a

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everyday traffic misdemeanor. After publishing hapless Johnny a traffic ticket the

officer asks him one small inquiry that could alter Johnny & # 8217 ; s insignificant

life everlastingly. & # 8220 ; May I search your auto? & # 8221 ; Now imagine if you were in John & # 8217 ; s

place, how would you hold responded to the inquiry. Would you hold merely

said yes and allow the officer go through your personal properties, or would

you say no. If you were to state no could it take to effects, or would

you be free to go forth.

& # 8220 ; Sir, can we seek your vehicle? & # 8221 ; When asked this by an officer of the jurisprudence,

hold you of all time questioned whether or non stating no would be an intelligent

response, or if it would merely take to more trouble? What makes feasible

evidences to execute a hunt of a individual, vehicle, or construction by jurisprudence

enforcement? What is this alleged, & # 8220 ; likely cause & # 8221 ; ? The 4th amendment

is ill-defined sing boundaries jurisprudence enforcement must stay by when carry oning

either a hunt or ictus. It states that likely cause is adequate

justification for a legal hunt and ictus. But what defines likely


The 4th amendment can use to vehicles, places or even you physically.

The lone limitation imposed by the fundamental law is that the officer must

have likely cause to carry on a hunt. Probable cause could be a battalion

of things. The reading from one individual, or constabularies officer, to the

following could be wholly different. This could do for troubles for

seeking to turn out that an illegal hunt and ictus was preformed in the event

of it taking topographic point. But truly, what is likely cause? If you were spotted

sheering on the route could the officer suspect you of imbibing and drive

and seek your auto? Or possibly you might hold a left over loose-fitting on your

splashboard that has white powdered sugar in it from the ring that it used

to incorporate. Could an officer usage the alibi that it may be cocaine and

hunt you? Could nervous behavior be used as an alibi? The officer could

state that you were moving leery and hunt you. All of these are

possible cases that could take topographic point. Do all of them seem rather just?

Searchs can be conducted in different ways. Police can seek an

single, a individual & # 8217 ; s vehicle, and besides their place or any other construction.

When seeking and single the constabulary could be looking for a overplus of

things. These scope from stolen belongings, to arms, or even drugs and drug

related articles. Some illustrations of likely cause to seek an person

would be suspected shrinkage, or perchance reported drug usage. However an

officer may hold had a tip that a individual could be transporting illegal stuff

and hunt you. Would tips and beginnings be considered a likely cause? This

is merely one of the fly-by-night countries left to reading. Evidence in a

courtroom can be thrown out or dismissed strictly because the mode in which

it was obtained was thought to go against the 4th amendment. The call for the

dismissal of grounds is left entirely upon the justice in such tribunal instances.