Civil Rights Essay

Although the 1960’s are normally considered the decennary of greatest accomplishment for black civil rights. the 1940’s and 1950’s were periods of every bit of import additions. Asses the Validity of this statement.Equality was ever a touchy topic following the civil war. Following the war. the North did non set accent on equality for all work forces.

It took about a century longer for complete equality to be achieved. Clearly these alterations did non come around rapidly. and it took a big group attempt to convey about alteration. The stoping consequences of the battle for Civil Rights that came in the 1960’s are of equal or even lesser importance to the events that enacted the alteration during the 1940’s and 1950’s.The 1960’s were a clip of great consequences of the attempt to set up civil rights for African Americans. In the earl 1960ss. motions such as the Freedom Riders were still in full consequence.

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but the authorities was get downing to rock to the black side. President Kennedy brings the Civil Rights Bill to congress in 1963. It is put down by the southern democrats. As a consequence. Leaderships of the Civil Rights Movement form a monolithic political March in Washington.

One of the high points of this March is Dr. Martin Luther King’s address on the stairss of the Lincoln commemoration. The attempts come to fruition with the passing of the Civil Rights Bill of 1964. and Voting Rights Bill of 1965. But the Attempts made in the 1960ss are mere fractions of the entire sum of thrust from the old decennaries.Civil Rights was an of import issue that came up after.

and during. WWII. Many Blacks wanted to function their state in the ground forces. but couldn’t due to military segregation.

President Truman brought the Civil Rights issue to visible radiation when he established his Committee on Civil Rights. Shortly after the commission was established. the President passed a series of executive orders taking segregation in the military and in the authorities work force. This was the first attempt taken by the authorities refering equal rights for the African Americans. These Attempts quickly continued at the bend of the decennary.The Civil Rights motion truly began to drop in taking up to it’s extremum in the late 1950ss.

In 1950. a major tribunal governing changed the face of racial segregation affecting schools. The Supreme Court instance Brown v Board of Education was a daze to the US population that had Blacks wholly over seeing a visible radiation at the terminal of the tunnel. Segregation in schools was ruled a misdemeanor of the 14th amendment by the tribunal. This opinion was put to the trial in 1952 when nine black pupils attempted to inscribe in a public high school. Crowds gathered in order to halt the pupils. Then.

President Eisenhower sent in a group of troop to escort the pupils to school ; demoing that the federal authorities would back up the tribunal opinion. More and more Blacks decided to take a base. In Montgomery.

Alabama. Civil Rights militants staged a coach boycott. These events turned more and more people towards the cause. As clip went on. militants grew more organized. The events of the 1950’s set up the success that came in the 1960’sThe 1940’s and 1940’s were merely every bit of import as the 1960’s for the Civil Rights motion because. major events during this epoch created a sense of integrity that allowed for organisation in the 1960ss.

It is of import non to overlook the necessary preliminaries to the March on Washington. Although consequences are eventually felt in the 1960ss. it could ne’er hold happened without the courage of the old twenty-so old ages.


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