Citizen Kane: A Movie Review Essay

Citizen Kane: A Movie Review            Citizen Kane was a movie about a bunch of reporters that made their way in deciphering the last spoken words of a newspaper tycoon named Charles Foster Kane.

Basically, the attack of the story line was to point out how Charles Foster Kane made it to the limelight as a wealthy newspaper tycoon displaying his wit and credibility. The goal of the reporters to decipher his last word was done after he died.            The movie was filmed at New York City in the United States of America. The lead roles were played by Joseph Cotton, Dorothy Comingore, Agnes Moorehead, Ruth Warrick, Ray Collins, Erskine Sanford, Everette Sloane, William Alland, Paul Stewart, George Coulouris, Fortunio Bonaova, Gus Schilling, Philip Van Zandt, Georgia Backus, Harry Shannon and many other actors and actresses. The paraphernalia used in the film were simple and fitting to the story being told. The costume was done in such a way that the struggles of the reporters could no be covered by the peculiarity of Charles Foster Kane’s life.

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            The film was directed by Orson Welles who found ways to make the film interesting. Since the cinematography of the movie was intelligently made, it won several awards including Oscars. The total running time of the film was 119 minutes and done in black and white colors. The language being used in the movie “Citizen Kane” is English. The company that made possible all the successful records of the film is Mercury Productions.            Finally, the sound effects of the film are done in mono wherein RCA Sound System was utilized. Although the sound effects sometimes made the movie boring, yet it is still worth to be seen as the life of Charles Foster Kane is very interesting.


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