Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Essay

Chronic clogging pneumonic disease ( COPD ) is any disease that causes obstructor in the tract of air as it is traveling to the lungs for gas exchange.

It causes hapless air flow to the lungs. which makes it hard for a individual to breath. There are two chief constituents to COPD and they are called Emphysema and Bronchitis. The symptoms of these diseases are coughing. shortness of breath.

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and sputum production. which is the mucous secretion that comes up from the lower air passageways. COPD is something that should be prevented early on because there is no remedy available and it dramatically affects the life style of a patient ( Silverman. Reilly. & A ; Shapiro. 2011 ) .

The chief cause of COPD is smoking coffin nails. but others factors like air pollution can besides lend. It is said that some of the important beginnings of air pollution are ill ventilated cookery and forest fires. Irritants can do long clip harm to the lungs ensuing in narrower bronchioles and dislocation of air sac. which is known as Emphysema.Emphysema and other diseases like Asthma and Bronchitis can be diagnosed with pneumonic map trials ( Decramer.

2012 ) . Emphysema is one of the two chief constituents of COPD. Normally in the lungs. there are little air pouch called Alveoli.

In a patient with emphysema. these little pouchs start to interrupt down into larger pouch because their walls prostration. There are tonss of air sac to increase surface country for efficiency of gas exchange. but when a individual loses tonss of air sac.

the lung so becomes less efficient in interchanging gas. Furthermore. emphysema makes take a breathing out air harder because it is much harder to squash air out of a large pouch of air versus little pouch of air ( Rabe & A ; Hurd. 2007 ) . Bronchitis is another 1 in the list of chronic clogging pulmonary diseases. It is described as the redness of bronchial tube.This redness makes the tract narrower. hence doing it even tougher for the air to travel in the lungs.

The size of the lungs doesn’t alteration. but the diameter of the bronchial tube alterations. Again. the patient would state that they are short of breath. Bronchitis and Emphysema non merely impact the lungs. but they besides affect other parts of the organic structure ( Silverman. Reilly.

& A ; Shapiro 2011 ) . One great illustration of how COPD impact other parts of the organic structure is merely the different tissues of the organic structure. They need O to make their occupations decently and we need to acquire their by-product ( C dioxide ) out of the organic structure expeditiously. The lack of O can take to hypoxia.

which means low degrees of O in the organic structure. The organic structure can besides be in a province of hypercarbia. which is an elevated degree of C dioxide in the organic structure due to hapless gas exchange in the lungs.Due to low degrees of O and high degrees of C dioxide. the lungs itself and other variety meats such as the bosom have to work harder in order to counterbalance for this job. The bosom rates increase in order to direct more blood to different tissues and take a breathing rate additions in order inhale as much fresh air as possible.

The sad intelligence is that there is presently no remedy for chronic clogging pulmonary diseases. The lone thing that can presently be done for patients is assist them handle the systems and detain the advancement of the disease itself. Termination of smoke and auxiliary O has shown to cut down the motility rates of these diseases.The decease rate lessenings by 18 % if patient were to discontinue smoke. Smoke is one of the prima grounds for the COPD.

Other things that can assist the patient with symptoms are to remain off from air pollution such as forest fires and ill ventilated cookery. COPD can decidedly be prevented earlier in life by non smoking or remaining off from air pollution because there is no remedy for these diseases. Peoples should maintain in head that medical professionals don’t have much to offer sing COPD and one time a individual gets a disease. it surely affects the life style of that individual.Work CitedReilly. John J. ; Silverman.

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