Christians but along with the growing belief

Christians have been in the middle east for close to 2000 years, yet they have faced persecution heavily for about 30 years.

There are many reasons for this but the main ones are growing radical Islam, sharia law becoming increasingly popular, and Islamic Nationalism.In the middle east Christians and other minority religions have been under threat by radical Islam. radical Islam has grown extensively since the start of al-Qaeda and ISIS, and has threatened to kill or convert all “non-believers.”  Christians have had to flee war and terror in the middle east with the destruction of chapels and monasteries by the Islamic state.Sharia law is Islamic Theocratic Law, and since Islam is the predominant religion in the Middle East it is growing increasingly in popularity. Most Muslims in the middle east want to return to their roots and embrace their religion. Sharia law is bad for Christians in ways that they will have little to no rights under it.

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They will also have to pay a tax to be a Christian, and they won’t be allowed to publicly practice their religion, and they may be put to death for doing so.Islamic Nationalism has existed since the days of Muhammad, but along with the growing belief in Sharia law in the Middle East, Their’s also growing Islamic Nationalism. Islamic Nationalism and Sharia law go hand-in-hand with each other when persecuting Christians and others. Christians are in terror because they’re more and more people around them that think they should be dead for what they believe in.

So how can we help stop the Persecution and Marginalization of Christians in the Middle East? There are not much people can do to help Christians since how long it’s been going on, and it’s now rooted in middle eastern culture. The only way that Christians will ever have some rights in the east is if countries westernize and become Democratic Republics or a modernization of Islam like Christianity was Modernized in the west. I doubt any of these outcomes will happen until a very long time.


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