Choctaw Mounted Rifles

These s oldiers were trained in combat and weaponry. Although there were concerns with th e weaponry because they were poorly armed with old guns like rifles, hunting shotguns, pi stols, and very rarely bows and arrows. The soldiers bought or traded what they could t o help them during the war. Some of the soldiers did have new or newer versions of the rifle. In the Civil war very few Choctaw actually participated in the war but some of the battles did occur in Indian Territory. One of the first fighting units were the Chickasa w and Choctaw Mounted Rifles.

That particular fighting unit was commanded by a fo mer Native American agent named Douglas H. Cooper. Although the Choctaw part icipated in the Civil War very rarely they did fight many battles. One battle they partici pated in was the battle of Honey Springs. Cooper, the commander, stated in his aftera ction report that the Native Americans aggressive and ruthless fight saved the unit from capture. He also said at the end of his report [The] Choctaws behaved brav ely, as they always do” At Cabin Creek the first battle occurred on July 1-2, 1 863, along the Grand River. This battle involved the 1st Kansas Colored Infantry.

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The Second battle as fought near the same location on September 19, 1864. The first battle tha t occurred outside Indian Territory was at Horse Creek, Arkansa on February 1 7, 1864. The Buffalo Soldiers were put in place to protect the Tribes. When it came to t he Interactions with the Buffalo Soldiers the Choctaw did have some conflicts but did their part in the war without getting involved with them. Overall, these soldiers wer e for the better. At the end of the Civil war the tribes had to participate in Reconstruction Trea ties. The Choctaw in particular were not forced to grant citizenship to former slave sin the Indian Territory.

Although if the two nations did not pass legislation that provi des the civil rights of their former slaves than the United States would use $300,000 0 f the Choctaw and Chickasaw money to relocate the former slaves. Rightsofway wa s also established in these Reconstruction treaties. The African Americans that were enrolled into the Choctaw Nation were called the Freedmen. They were one of the requ irements of the 1 866 treaty made with the Choctaw by the U. S. With these Freedmen e ntering the Choctaw Nation many of the Choctaw had problems with them. Many of Nation had pressed to have these Freedmen removed from the Choctaw Nation.

Althoug h the Nation did work hard to push for the Freedmen’s removal many of them, ho wever, remain in the Nation and steadfast. The Choctaw were greatly affected by the Second Indian Removal Act. The Choctaw had just started regaining their life that was taken away from them d uring the First Indian Removal Act but because Of the Second Indian Removal the Choct aw lost their identity, Mississippi citizenship, and acceptance from the United States. The first removal was in 1 831. There were 4,000 Choctaws removed. The second remo val was in March 1832 about 550 Choctaws were removed.


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