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Chingis Khan Essay, Research PaperChingis Khan Mike CookHonors World History-8th hourDr. StelmachDec. 2, 1997 Chingis Khan Chingis Khan was the boy of Yesugei and vanquisher of mediaeval Eurasia.

Thisposition contributes to his being described as one of the most influential figures in worldhistory. Chingis Khan had many hard-won dogfight triumphs against his neighbours, thepowerful Muslims and Chinese. His combatants were known to be the most barbarous and brutalof the times and were one of the grounds for many of his triumphs. He is extremely recognizedfor his military mastermind and administrative accomplishments. How did Chingis Khan change the manner warfare was waged in the part? Was he genuinely every bit barbarous as his fable suggests? How didhe affect the hereafter of his fatherland? Was he a Military Genius? An AdministrativeGenius? A good Ruler? One of the most important grounds Chingis Khan is recognized arises out of theway he changed the military. Under him, both the function of the military in society changedas did the methods used by the military. Most of the great Khan & # 8217 ; s military personnels were cavalrywhich was a major alteration from ground forcess in the yesteryear who relied chiefly on the strength of theinfantry. The ground for Chingis Khan & # 8217 ; s success with the horse came because his menwere skilled equestrians, able to equilibrate themselves and fire missile arms ( i.

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e. , bowand pointer ) while siting. Another manner Chingis Khan helped to alter the armed forces was bydevising methods of doing the smaller Numberss of Mongolians look superior. He did thiseither by holding his military personnels light excess fires while they camped or by holding prisonersmarch in forepart of the soldiers so as to look to hold a larger figure of military personnels. Another of the alterations instituted by Chingis Khan was the usage hocus-pocus andguerrilla warfare. An illustration of hocus-pocus in conflict occurred when he would look to bedrawing his military personnels back but when the enemy followed they were either ambushed ordrawn into unfavourable conditions for warfare where they would they be ambushed andslaughtered. One of the most powerful fast ones which Chingis Khan used involved theconduct after conflict. He used panic tactics by making so badtha they would be heard of bymany towns and would do them desire to give up if he of all time came your manner.

Anexample of this arose when he would suppress a town, sometimes taking the prince anddecapitating him after which he would process around the town with the caput on a interest. He would on occasion even do this to a town that surrendered. Another panic maneuver heused that became usual pattern to his military personnels was the slaughter of people in big groups. Sometimes Fieldss would be left filled with organic structures. He besides used this tactic against townswho rebelled against him.

Another tactic that served as an of import beginning of information were theintelligence agents he placed throughout Eurasia. These proved utile in his wrangle withMuhammad II. The fact that his soldiers about ever had fresh Equus caballuss was a primaryreason why they could go long distances in such a short sum of clip. Possibly themost powerful thing Chingis Khan did occured when he led his military personnels into conflict, alwaysat the forepart line even until his decease in 1227.

By making this military personnels were ever in a highmorale. Throughout history one inquiry about Chingis Khan has ever troubled people.That inquiry is why all of the ferociousness? Chingis Khan was possi bly one of the cruelestconquerors in history.

One of the main examples and probably the most notable wasbecause he would take over a town that had resisted his troops he would slaughtereverybody women and children included. Also they would take most of the young malesas prisoners. When they got to a town and laid siege to it they would then use theseyoung male prisoners as shields and cover hoping the enemy would think that theprisoners were soldiers.

Even in towns that surrendered to them peacefully Chingis Khanwould sometimes order some of the people slaughtered unborn children. Then the rest ofthose whothe surrendered would be assimilated into the clan and some of the military menof the conquered town continued on as warriors. The future of Mongolia was greatly affected by Chingis Khan’s actions mainlythrough population control because of all of the large-scale massacres. Today thepopulation of Mongolia is around four to five million people. Throughout his reign, Chingis Khan was considered a good leader by Mongolsboth for his social life and his military accomplishments. He was unquestioned in hismilitary ability but in the early years of his reign, he sought advice from his shaman. Theshaman could take advantage of this trusted and valued position by giving Chingis Khanadvice that would result in personal gain for the shaman. This led to many problems inChingis Khan’s early years and resulted in his “removing” the shaman from the picture andtaking absolute rule for himself.

For affairs of the State he was also an absolute ruler, except that he sought theadvice of his first wife, Bork, and others. The advice of these people led to the formationof the Yasa, which was the Mongolian Code of Law. This code was extremely strict andled the Mongols to be very disciplined people. There exists no written copy of the Yasatoday. Through Chingis Khan’s expertise his empire was able to persist for approximately200 years. Two of the many reasons for Chingis Khan’s success were his military andadministrative skills.

His genius as a military commander shows through the variousstrategies he devised and the people he surrounded himself with. He allied and surroundedhimself with people he could trust and with people who proved themselves to be highlycapable in military struggles as well. His administrative skills became apparent as heenabled his people to remain strong even while he was away on campaign.

Chingis Khan had an overwhelming effect on the future of the world. He changedthe course of the world in many ways, one of which occurred when he crushed theKhwarazm Army of Muhummad II, stopping and crushing the rapid spread of the Islamicreligion. Another way he charted the course of the world arose when he began takingcontrol of a large part of Eurasia. This act contributed to the lack of improvement in thegeneral health of the Mongolian people and those they conquered because the Mongolshad such terrible hygiene. Those who were conquered in Eurasia were assimilated into theclan and required to follow Mongolian laws and customs. One of these laws stated thatwater must not be dirtied because the Mongolian god Tengri forbid it, prohibiting bathing.

Chingis Khan, through his actions is considered one of the most influential men inhistory, both because of his military campaigns and his ability to bring together the varioustribes of Mongolia into one government.


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