Chinese road, which was a ‘clip’ between

Chinese President, Xi Jinping launched the new version of the ancientSilk Road and Maritime Silk Road in 2013, to open up China for the rest of theworld.1What is the Silk Road about? What are the Chinese goals? How want China getinvolve more to the world’s economy? What expectation do have China and theother countries about this initiative? I would like to answer these question,furthermore I present the idea of the Greater Eurasia and the Eurasian EconomicUnion concept.Ancient Silk Route was originally a trade road, which was a ‘clip’between China and West, which was formally established during the Han Dynasty.Gold and silver came to east, while silk, tea, porcelain went to the west.

Notonly goods and ideas changed place, but for example at that time the buddhismreached China via Silk Road.2According to the ancient Silk Road, it connects China and Europe throughCentral Asia while the ‘Maritime Silk Road’  link China’s eastern ports to Europe viaSoutheast Asia, around the Indian subcontinent, across the Indian Ocean, hit theeast coast of Africa and the Suez Canal.3Originally, the ~ 6,400 km road was a caravan route through the Takla MakanDesert, Pamirs, crossed Afghanistan, and across the Mediterranean Sea. In the13th and 14th centuries the route became increasingly unsafe because at thattime it was revived under the Mongols. Furthermore there were several bacteria’flowed’ to the West due to the Silk Road, as a result the countries movedwestward from Asia. The ancient Silk Road has been the impetus behind the UnitedNations plan for a trans- Asian highway. The Route has also culturaltraditions, what the new form of the road can replenished again.

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4 Thenew version of the Silk Road was named as „One Belt, One Road” initiative(OBOR), which obvious is not just an economic, but a political,  strategic, diplomatic and cultural zone. 1Muhammad Azizul Haque. „One Belt, One Road” initiative of China.

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