Chinese local climate, culture, customs and eating

Chinese history goes back to ancient times,and Chinese cuisine is famous both at home and abroad.

This article willintroduce chinese cuisine. It is composed of a long history and unique cookingskill, both of which are indispensable. At the same time, it is also affected bythelocal climate, culture, customs and eating habits.

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Thereare su cuisine, lu cuisine, yue cuisine, ming cuisine, zhe cuisine, xiangcuisine, chuan cuisine and hui cuisine in china.Chinese people call them “eight major dishes”.Lu cuisine originated in Shandong Qilu flavours, and is the onlyspontaneoustype of cuisine during eight major dishes. It is the oldest, the most technically advanced, the most complicated, the mostskillful cuisine.  It is composed ofQilu, Jiaodong, Kong Fu, medicated four flavours  Sichuan is one of the eight majordishes in China.

Originated in Sichuan, Chongqing, with linen, spicy, fresh,fragrant features.Yue cuisine call GuangdongCantonese cuisine, originated in Lingnan. It consists of three local flavours. Thereare Guangzhou cuisine , Chaozhou cuisine and Dongjiang cuisine. Yue cuisine wasa late start, but rapid development. There are many Cantoneserestaurants around the world   Su cuisine call Jiang Su cuisineor Huaiyang cuisine.

It consists of Nanjing, Xu Hai, Huaiyang, Sunan four majordishes. This is the Palace second largest cuisine, and today,state banquet isstill mainly Huaiyang cuisineFujian cuisine isMing dong, Ming xi, Ming nan, Ming bei, Ming zhong, Puxian and other localdishes as the main dishes formed. Fujian cuisine fresh, light cool, partial tothe sweet and sour. Especially pay attention to make soup, soup fresh,delicious, soup variety, with traditional characteristicsAnhui cuisine originated in Huizhouarea, is one of the eight major dishes. Because Huizhou people like to drinkperennial tea, so the oil is generally heavy oil, the so-called heavy oil,heavy color, heavy fire, heavy, dark, rich taste.

At the same time as Huizhoumountainous and watery, Anhui cuisine to grow delicacies, representative dishesare “Maofeng smoked bonito”, “ham stewed turtle”,”pickled fresh anchovy” Zhejiang cuisine is based on Hangzhou,Ningbo, Shaoxing and Wenzhou, four kinds of cuisine represented by the localcuisine. Zhejiang cuisine is very widely used raw materials, pay attention tofresh raw materials, with a reasonable, in order to complement each othertaste, fully exploit the common ingredients of delicious and nutritious.Especially Hang in the lake to help help the mountain and the mountains to helpthe two flavors of technology systems, emphasize the raw materials are freshnow to do now. There are many water and mountain plants rich in nutrients, goodfor your health. Hunan cuisine is a local cuisine with along history in China. Hunan special pay attention to seasoning, especially hotand sour, salty, fragrance, concentrated fresh.

Summer hot, light taste, fresh.Cold winter, heavy taste hot, concentrated fresh Chinese cuisine is broad and profound,in addition to the most famous eight dishes there are many delicious dishes.Such as northeastern cuisine, Shanghai cuisine, and so on. If you areinterested you can go to tast.


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