China: the imperial capital. The city of

China: A Country Built On Dynasties             China, built from thevery start as a place where dynasties once ruled.People, who would make China?sidentity as a country. Throughout China?s history, there were many differentdynasties that played an beneficial part in advancing China today. Dynasties,the foundation of China, the foundation for which China would be born as one ofthe most powerful countries in the world. Many of China?s dynasties werebeneficial to China as a whole but one of the most beneficial dynasties was theHan Dynasty.

            The Han Dynasty was oneof the most influential and one of the powerful dynasties because of what theydid while they were at power in China and here is how they began. In the yearof 206 B.C., the Han Dynasty was formed and it became the dynasty that ruledChina from then. The Han dynasty was the dynasty that had overthrown the Qindynasty which was the dynasty that had been in rule of China before them. TheHan Dynasty was started by a man named Liu Bang and soon he also had gained therole of becoming the Gaozu Emperor. Liu Bang was one of the people who wereresponsible for the overthrow of the Qin Dynasty as he had made his own armyafter the Qin Dynasty had diminished and then took over the throne.

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Accordingto the “Ancient History Encyclopedia”, “Liu Bang was the first Chinese Emperorwho was originally a commoner.” It was from there that Liu Bang had establishedmany different things and one of these things had occured within Chang?am andwithin Chang?am became the imperial capital. The city of Chang?am from thatpoint foward became a very important city because according to the “AncientHistory Encyclopedia”, “the city turned into a political, economic, military,and cultural centre of China.” It was soon later that the Emperor of Ghazou hadpassed and then it was time for someone else to take over the throne in the HanDynasty Era. It was then tht the Han Dynasty had encountered on the manysturggles that their dynasty would experience which was someone else wanted totake the throne, but the problem was that the person who wanted to take overthe Dynasty was not a Han.

This person was known as Lü Hou and she was avery greedy person and she had killed almost all of Liu Bang’s kids so thatthere would be no other Heirs to the throne and then she would be the one totake over the throne and thus a new dynasty would have started. Little did sheknow that there was still one son of Liu Bang who was still alive and his namewas Emperor Wen and because he was one the last sons that survived from thekillings, he gained heir to the throne and because he had found out what Lü Houtried to do, he ended up doing the same to her by killing all of the members ofher family or as much as he could at the time, the Han dynasty would still liveon. It was soon later that the Han Dynasty would start to do things that werebeneficial for China and would help China become the Country they are today.

            TheHan Dynasty did amny different things that helped to make China the countrythey are today and here are just many of the few things that they helped to doin China at the time. The Han Dynast being one of the longest lasting dynastiesin China, was able to accomplish many things that were beneficial to China andwould be crucial to China’s society economically and politically. The HanDynasty did many things for China for example according to “” the Handynasty “would have lasting effects on all who followed, particularly in theareas of government, law, philosophy, history, and art” and these were some ofthe main things that China is known for today. Many of the inventions that theyHan dynasty had come up with is something that would help China otherwiseprobably would not be in China today if it weren’t for the Han Dynasty at thetime. Some of the other things that the Han dynasty had created were thingslike the “Silk road” and according to ancient.

eu, the silk road was known as “anetwork of trade routes” which helped to increase the amount of trade thatChina did with other countries/ people at the time. The Silk road was mainlyused to trade with the western cultures and this is where most trade occurredin China at the time because of how widely it was used by those people, howeverit became known as the Silk road because one of the main things that was tradedon the trade route was silk. One of the many main things that the Han dynastyhad created for China that benefited China in a huge way was the invention ofpaper, as paper then became a main source for them to document all of theirwork, research and other things and now today in China paper is vastly usedtoday. The Han dynasty was alwso responsible for creating many different worksof art, such as pottery and many more. Many other things that the Han Dynastyhad created was things such as tomb sculptures and they were also known for advancingtheir technology be creating tools that was used for farming and many otherthings that helped to benefit China today because of the many uses of thethings that they created.

They were also known vastly for their literature asthe Han dynasty was one of the dynasties that literature was a big part inmaking that dynasty what it is known as today. However, the Han dynasty wasknown most for the agricultural aspect of advancing the Chinese society.Overall the Han Dynasty created many different thngs that helped to benefitChina for the better and helped them to advance their knowledge and theirtechnology for the better to this very day.


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