China population increasingly keeps growing. As a

Chinais one of the most populous nations, and one-child policy was introduced inorder to release the social burden about overpopulated problem and itsconsequences. On the other hand, the policy enables China to boost the country’seconomic and social standards. Chinese population increasingly keeps growing.As a result, it has been affected the country economic and the lives of thepeople in China. China need enough food supply to such enormous numbers ofpeople and many other essential necessaries in life such as medical and watersupply. The policy curbs population growth; however, it has effected many socialand economy aspects both positively and negatively. The fertility rate in chinabegan declining in the late 1970s since China introduced the one-child policy.

Its purpose is to limit the number of children in urban and rural areas. Thispolicy is likely to have reinforced the decline in the fertility rate. But whetherthe policy was like government’s expectation about China population is stilldifferent opinions. It is always conflicts related to those fight against eachother should be people and government. In facts, the policy truly helped to preventthe overpopulation and boost economic development.

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On the other hand, the policybrings discrimination, prejudice, violation of human rights, and many otherschanged of cultural and social aspects. The process of socialization that thegovernment makes which has been taking over their roles and taking control of families’lives and rights.  While India’s policyis not enforced, China’s policy is really strict.

The reason people do notfollow India’s policies because their citizens do not think much of the rule,so that it is ineffective result in birth rate decline. On the other hand,China do strictly follow their policies much like a law. Chinesefamilies went through a period where they lost the right to decide how manychildren to have, and thepower of government are law, policy, and restrictions forces Chinese people tofollow the rule. However, there are only a few people who try to break thepolicy and fight against the Chinese government. The government wants to keepthis power because the government believes that the policy should bring many socialbenefits for the country.

However, it truly weakened the family bond sincethere are many only one child in family. As a result, it creates the old ageingof the population and the many adults with a certain type of socializationwhile growing up. One of the primary objectives of such policy is to gender imbalancethrough forcing families to have fewer children as well. This notion has resulted in sex selectiveabortion, female infanticide, and imbalance desired male scale. A seriousimbalance between population of men and women brings great risks to thedevelopment of society.

In the short term, it may have beeneffective in lowering the population, but it would not fix the long termoverpopulated problem in China. 


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