China: At the peak of success Essay

China: At the peak of success                Chopsticks, porcelain, television sets, bicycles…you name it.

China has it all. China’s booming industries make it possible to be the leading nation in the world. With its advance technology and human capital, China ranked first among other Asian countries and worldwide as the most successful country. Besides it economy, China’s culture and politics contribute to the country’s accomplishment of being tagged as the most looked-after country.China’s EconomyChina’s economy is quite massive and is continually developing. It ranks sixth largest for its GDP, and in terms of purchasing power parity, it stands at second place back-to-back with the United States.

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 All of these made possible by the strength it has as a trading nation. Contributing for its success are the different aspects of the society in which helped the frontier participate to the growing generation of new technologies and approaches. Considered as the country’s strengths that enable it to grow rapidly among other Asian and any countries, are its ambitious and hardworking labor force, the government that supports the advocacy of the free market trade and rigid labor markets under the old style of central planning and furnish every employee their freedom (in which they did not before) to have jobs that better suit their talents and interests. China’s competitive environment and advances add to its history of being the most recognized, fast boosting and developing economy as of today. Despite having posed economic problems, the country not only produces good quality rendering services but managed to establish a liberal economy with the help of its far-sighted leaders.Chinese culture: one big factor.

            Named as one of the four oldest civilizations in the world history, China has something to boasts for, for it has preserved its cultural relics and historical sites. As the inventors of some of the most essential gadgets we are using today, such as gun powder and dynamites, the Chinese people promises a powerful future for all of humanity where they may have become the center of civilization. The cultural heritage it has changes from generation to generation, contributing and adapting to the socio-cultural and economic development of the country. Without culture, the prestige China is having today would not be complete.

Political PowerChina is noted for having more than two political parties; the first one being the CPC (Communist People of China), which is in power, and the other eight non-Communist parties. The Chinese politics has the role in shaping the country’s economic development. Its structure is under the constraint of a single-party socialist republic. The leadership of the CPC is elected making an equal edge with the other political system. In the dual control of the Communist Party of China and Central’s People’s Government and their counterparts, state power is exercised. Thus, every committee or body of different levels in the society plays an important role in developing and cultivating other social concerns with regards to the country’s economic growth.            China, in the three mentioned state, function as a large body of systems in which one supports the other’s progress.

The Chinese politics made it possible to have an undertaking to maintain a warm and harmonious relationship with other countries. This is for the utilization of the market trade among countries.  Meanwhile, its cultural foundation helps in the understanding of old social reforms and process, which also helps the country build an image that is far off than being just a boosting nation. With these, China had been eagerly established to be a well defined and developed country.Reference:Fairback, J.K. and Goldman, Merie.

China: A New History. Cambridge: Belknap Press, 1998


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