Children Raising Children Essay

When thinking about today’s generation, all that comes to mind is teen pregnancy. In almost every high school, in every state, there is at least one teen that is or has been pregnant.

In 2006, a study was given to sum up the average number of pregnant teens in the US. Nevada and Arizona have the most, averaging at about 230,000 pregnant teens. Many years ago, youths were ashamed if they ended up pregnant, and most of the time changed schools to prevent the embarrassment.

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If a person was to walk down the hallways of any local high school, their chances of seeing a pregnant teen is about nine about of ten.Shows such as, ‘Teen Mom’, and ‘16 and Pregnant’, showcase teen pregnancy as if it is the new trend. In the three seasons that ‘16 and Pregnant’ has been running, they have shown roughly thirty five teens dealing with the “struggles” of being pregnant at a young age. Most of the episodes deal with the same issues for example, non-approving parents, boyfriends not wanting to be fathers, etc.

Displaying the hardships these girls go through is supposed to stop other teens from going through with their pregnancies; however it seems to be having the opposite effect.Magazines such as ‘People’, ‘OK! ’, and ‘In Touch Weekly’, aren’t helping the situation either, by displaying these random teen moms on their covers as if they are modern day celebrities. Who made these girls role models for other naive girls? Sex is a common venture for everyone to experience at some point in their lives, and it comes to no surprise that teenagers are the first ones to engage in it. Sex is not a bad thing and teenagers should not be punished for it, but unfortunately most parents do not know how react when their teens come to them with sexual questions.Since teens do not talk to their parents beforehand, and vice versa, they usually decide to have sex blindly.

Subsequently teenagers have neither prior experience nor knowledge about sex and protection, so most of them end up pregnant their first time. As stated before, if a teen was to end up pregnant their first thoughts would be abortion or adoption, but today’s society has made it “okay” to have children when they are still children themselves. According to a Fox News article, a Memphis, Tennessee high school currently has around eighty six girls who are or were pregnant; and the numbers are even worse in South Florida, at about 97,000.Sex is not a bad thing, it is a way of life, and teens should be able to experience this without fear of punishment, but with certain limitations of course. The problem is that adolescents do not know what to do when confronted with a sexual encounter. They educate themselves on what to do and how to protect themselves from peers in school, and unfortunately it is just the blind leading the blind. Not only are these teens getting pregnant, but they are also leaving themselves open to various STDs.While taking part in what teens think to be “safe sex”, they are not considering that these dieses can cause, not only, themselves a hard time but their children as well; dieses can be passed down from mother to child.

I think girls’ now-a-days get pregnant, and think motherhood will be a piece of cake; that this new baby coming into this world will be their living doll to play with. They don’t think about the cost of the baby and the financial burden that this places on their parents who now have to feed another mouth. Teenagers also do not think about school and what a baby will do to their studying time.Some United States teen pregnancy statistics state that teens who become pregnant are less likely to attend college, due to the fact that they have to care for another life, and are not able to focus on their own. Teens in general just do not think about the future or worry about the past; they live in the present and concern themselves with whatever is happening right then and there.

This is dangerous to themselves and others, because not only do these future moms not worry about their own lives but the lives of their upcoming children.


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