Childhood Memories Essay

Childhood is special for everyone. My childhood memories have molded me into the person I am today.

There are many different childhood memories that I can remember that really made an impact on how my personality is today. Some of memories make me happy, but others makes me grow up. I discovered that life can be choices by myself. I was born and brought up in a small family which included my mother,father,and my two older sisters. I am very lucky that I had a family who loved me and cared about me.

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I have seen a lot of kids who were physically abused by parents or even worse were abandoned since the day they were born. But my parents were my superheros. They were always there to support me in every challenge that I had in my childhood or better to say they were “my reflection” and they still are.. The beauty of childhood is that u don’t know that the world is not as u imagine,is not a paradise,or disney trip. As a child the word”problem” or “failure” is just another word in your dictionary which u had never experienced .

I remember my first day of the school. My father took me to school which was an unknown place for me. Teachers and students were strangers to me. When I entered the school I felt nervous. It was big building with a large compound wall. As a small child I could not feel stable at the sight of the building.

The atmosphere of the school was quite calm. I was not acquainted with such atmosphere earlier. The teacher came in our class.

He started making questions to the students.It was my turn. He asked my name and whereabouts. I replied some of his questions promptly. He became pleased. I felt proud.

So, I understood that school life is different from the normal life. As time goes by, things were changed. As I grew up, I knew many friends from different countries and different cultures. So, I came to the conclusion that school isn’t the place were we learn only lessons, but it learn us how to be friendly and tolerant.


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