Childbirth usingknowledge of drugs and pain management,

Childbirth is an experience in a woman’s life that holds the power to transform her forever.Passing through these powerful gates in her own way remembering all the generations of womenwho walk with her, she is never alone”-suzzane arms. A midwife plays an important role fromconception until postnatal period and beyond.

When a woman gives birth, not only is a babybeing born but so is a mother. How she is treated will therefore affect the way she feelsabout herself as a mother and as a parent.Midwifery is more than a career to me, but rather a privilege to help, support, enable andempower women at the most life changing time of their lives. I am aware that the role of amidwife can be quite challenging as it involves engaging in lots of activities such as:supervising and assisting mothers in labour, monitoring the condition of the foetus and usingknowledge of drugs and pain management, providing counselling and advice before and afterscreening tests, offering support and advice following events such as miscarriage, stillbirth,neonatal abnormality and death. Midwives have a huge positive effect on not just the patientsbut their families making them feel more comfortable. Having worked with different individualsfrom different background in my community, my friendly and empathetic nature would make mewell suited to care for others as a midwife.My choice of A-Level subjects indicates how dedicated I am towards pursuing a career as amidwife as well as pushing me beyond my known boundaries, teaching me to think logically andsequentially when approaching problems. Studying Biology and Chemistry have helped meunderstand the functions of the body in more depth and how different drugs affect the body.

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Religious Studies has help me to think critically, listen empathetically, and speakthoughtfully which is important in midwifery. In order to further my knowledge in midwifery, Ihave started a foundation degree in Health and life science. At the end of the course, I wouldhave improved on my academic and laboratory skills which is required when I eventually start adegree course in Midwifery.

I volunteered for a two weeks’ work experience at Kings College Hospital. During this time, Iwas able to work alongside specialised gynaecologists observing how they carry out theirvarious primary roles, which include examining and caring for patients, treating diseases andmedical problems related to female reproduction. I was able to communicate and build a goodrelationship with the patients and staff. Also, I volunteered at my Local Pharmacy which gaveme a rewarding experience. Although the placement environment was challenging at it wasconstantly busy, I managed to rise up to the occasion and learnt a lot.

I was able to observehow different drug prescriptions were assessed and dispensed, which included counting andchecking the dosage of medication. My current volunteering experience is at a care home, andthis has helped me to be courageous, compassionate and be able to deliverI am able to balance academics with extra-curricular activities. I was a member of the sixthform prefect team and also a form charity representative, I attended regular meetings andassisted with school events such as open and parents evening. I was also a peer mentor and Ivolunteered to assist younger students who are struggling academically either with reading orwriting. I took part in the National Citizen Services (NCS) during summer 2014, which was athree-week programme that helped me to develop my leadership and teamwork skills. It was afantastic experience, as I have been able to build on my independence and confidence which isa key to succeeding as a midwifeI believe my communication, teamwork, organisation and problem solving skills will helpfurther develop my learning.

I look forward to undertaking a degree in midwifery, and thriveas a leading midwife in the medical field. 


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