Child Labour Can Be Stopped by Changing International Trade Policies Essay

Childhood, the time for physical, intellectual and emotional development has been crippled by the ever-growing menace of child labour. Child labor addresses many issues and thoughts such as, the lack of enforcement of child labor laws which exist in developing countries, and dehumanization. The article” Child Labour can be stopped by Changing International Trade Policies” written by Ian Paul effectively demonstrates that child labour in developing countries is a serious problem that can resolved if we halt trade policies.Ian Paul’s uses powerful evidence, uses convincing language, and uses the harmful effects a child can partake from child labour persuading the reader that economic situations must be addressed before it can be abolished. To begin with, one striking element of Ian Paul’s article is the powerful evidences being explored to encourage readers how child labour is being stopped.

According to UNICEF, child labour is defined by age groups, the working hours they do, and the activities performed by the child.Both UNICEF and the International Center On Child labour And Education acknowledges that in Asia and Africa, child labourers are drastically increasing while the industrialized nations, which have lower amounts of child labourers remains. These statistics prove that children are forced to work to contribute to household incomes. For instance, in India, because of industrial development and poverty, children are economic contributors for their households by working in the agricultural sector or at home.The government has been actively passing laws to stop child labour since 1930s, despite the attempt; 11. million children contribute to child labour, with the number still increasing. Professor Sylvain Dessay and Stephane Pallage published a study, banning child labour, which is supported by over 150 countries. However this hinders the situation because it suggested that a decrease in economic funding would damage the developing countries’ incomes.

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It shows that they must tackle the poverty before getting rid of child labour. Furthermore, not only does Paul use powerful evidence, he also illustrates the abysmal effects of child labour.Ian Paul states that Child labour is detrimental to the health and welfare of children around the world. Some of the worst forms of child labour consist of slavery, establishing children in hazardous position, these lead to children not being able to have a proper education, proper health care, nutrition or a supportive and safe environment. Children are forced into employment at an early age in order to survive because deprived of education, mental and physical development, and social interaction from their family and the people around them.Risks may be greater for children at various stages of development and may have long-term effects. The unconditional worst forms of child labour includes slavery, soldiering, prostitution, drug trafficking.

These are forced labour in cruel circumstances that may have traumatic effects, including longer term health, socioeconomic effects or even death from forced. Children that work for long hours in unbearable conditions and not earning enough ruin a child’s to having a bright future.Finally, Ian Paul emphasize why child labour should be stop with convincing language. He uses vivid negative connotations like “detrimental”, or “egregious” that associates to the effects of child labour.

He also uses vivid positive connotations like “prosperity” that associates with getting rid of child labour. The author has an unbiased view on the article because he comply both sides. The article states that Child Labour should be halted, but he also argues that emerging markets and economic improvements must be stop before it can be eradicated.For instance, children do not have access to education, proper health care can be detrimental but pulling children in developing countries out of their working environment may cause more harm because children won’t be able to support household incomes. The article was also very well structured, persuading the reader that trade policies should be stop before doing anything else. Through his explanation of convincing language, harmful effects, and powerful evidence, Ian Paul has demonstrated that the most egregious case, trade policies, should be halted first before truly addressing child labour.Based on this article, the government alone cannot deal such a great problem.

A change in attitude is needed to eliminate and reduce this menace. If children in developing countries are provided with education, proper health care and all the necessities, we must start with protesting child labour and choose not to purchase the imported inexpensive products from Asia. This is because it will cause the companies to go out of business and thus they won’t need to hire children for lower wages. Sadly, resolving child labour requires a huge effort, which is lacking and the blame for child labor must be shared by the society and the leaders.


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