CHILD LABOU Essay, Research PaperEDUCATIONAL AWARENESS PROGRAMME FOR ERADICATION OFCHILD LABOUR1. Background of the Administration:Inspired by the Nationwide call of Mahatma Gandhi? March towards Village, ? Peoples? s Institute of Rural Development & # 8211 ; PIRD was established in the twelvemonth 1983. PIRD is working for landless labor, hapless husbandmans, child labor & A ; adult females groups related to rural development programmes. Campaign against child labor and instruction for child labors are besides our major programmes.2. Facts about Child Labour:We ever compare kids with flowers and butterflies because of their common virtuousnesss like artlessness, of all time present freshness and tenseness free life style. We do non distinguish between kids and butterflies every bit far as their gaiety is concerned. We besides see our kids as future pillars of our State.

But the world is blunt opposite and really hapless which will upset any good hearted homo of our society.Soon, about 11 crores kids of age group 9 to 14, are working as kid labor. This makes 10 % of our entire population. All these kids have missed out pleasant minutes of their childhood and finally they will stay off from the mainstream of societal development.

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If we as a society ignore these facts and pretermit this state of affairs, it may turn out to be harmful to all of us.3. Role of PIRD:For the last 8 old ages, PIRD is taking assorted advanced stairss for bar and obliteration of child labor. The administration has arranged different programmes like non-formal instruction, Bridge class cantonment, Campaign for educational consciousness, educational Centre at small town degree and overall societal consciousness, etc. for kid labor.

Though this attack has non proved to be really successful, it has decidedly made at least a partial impact on the overall run. After visualising the gravitation of the job, it becomes perfectly necessary for everyone to take part for the cause of entire obliteration of child labor. We are cognizant that the success of the programme depends on every 1s active engagement. The chief cause of the kid labor is economical, though degree of instruction and societal retardation are besides of import factors. If we try to work out these jobs, the rate of kid labor will cut down by 50 per centum.

With this assurance, for the last three old ages we are carry oning the programmes of educational consciousness for obliteration of child labor.4. Causes of Child Labour:Problems faced by parents, societal retardation, illiteracy and disfavor for schooling, etc. lead kids to go dropouts and accordingly to take up child labour activities. In our state out of 11 crores child labors, about 90 % kid labours work in agricultural field in rural countries.

Child labor is preferred because it is easy available for work at low rewards. But due to this pattern kids do non acquire an chance to go knowing which later misleads them in their hereafter. Furthermore, they do non acquire equal opportunity to bask childhood and tenseness free life.

5. Purposes and Aims:The school is the most suited topographic point for a kid. School instruction is a basic right of every kid.

It is impossible to hold non-formal instruction and short term schools as remedial steps for kid labor. Therefore, the administration is reaDy to implement the steps which will take to 100 % registration in Primary schools and avoid school dropouts. The administration aims at instilling involvement in kids to go to school, to supply educational AIDSs through educational Centres to destitute and meriting kids, to make congenial ambiance for larning and to do the bing kid labour literate and to steer them in larning which will enable them to look for scrutinies of venereal disease. IV and VII.6. Location of Operation:This programme is being implemented in 50 small towns of Latur, Parbhani, Osmanabad and Nanded territories of Marathwada division.7.

Nature of the Political campaign:To eliminate kid labor which is an built-in portion of? Educational Awareness Programme? , we plan to carry on athleticss, competitions, street dramas, amusement programmes, etc. which will make an involvement in kids for schooling. The overall nature of this run will be to reach and later actively involve parents, societal groups of adult females, voluntaries, members of the instruction commission from rural countries, instructors, at the small town degree. In add-on to this, to run larning Centres at the small town degree, to supply educational kits to destitute kids, to inspect the educational commission in rural countries, to form preparation programmes for voluntaries and other organisations, etc. will be undertaken.8.

An Entreaty:Education is an effectual medium to convey about societal reforms in a individual and in the society. Illiteracy leads to development. Due to ignorance one has to confront unfairness, torment and related jobs in the life. Hence, if one has to maintain away from all these immoralities, the lone effectual manner is to educate oneself. The ultimate success of personal development, household development and National development depends on instruction merely.

To day of the month, our history reveals that the more a society is educated, the more is its development and prosperity. Hence, to eliminate present and future kid labor, we insist that all the kids should acquire equal chance of compulsory and free instruction.The existent strength of Educational Awareness Programme, will be a assisting manus from our society. A lower limit of Rs.15000/- is necessary to run an educational Centre at small town degree or disbursals of Rs.300/- per kid. You may direct your fiscal aid to one or more educational Centres or bear the disbursals of one or more pupils. Similarly, you may donate your used one but utile books of Std.

I to VII, partly used notebooks and other educational AIDSs for this programme. Your generous part to this programme would turn out really good to convey about educational consciousness in the life of destitute pupils. You may direct your contributions in hard currency or in sort to People? s Institute of Rural Development, Ahmadpur. To do this programme a success, we seriously appeal to you all, for valuable part towards this baronial cause.Respects.Machhindra Gojame. N.

M. Ghodke.( President ) ( Secretary )Address for communicating ;Peoples? s Institute of Rural Development ( PIRD )Karad Nagar, Nanded Road,P.

O. Box No. 1, P.O. Ahmadpur.

Dist. Latur, 413515Telephone No. ( O ) 91-2381-62339, ( R ) 62243Fax No. 91-2381-63025E mail: president_pird @, president_pird @


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