Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Charlotte’s Web Essay

Charlotte’s Web Essay

Charlotte’s Web opens the door to a magical world for some animals. Wilbur is shocked when he knew the destiny that befalls all pigs. In order to save her friend, Charlotte spins a web that reads “Some Pig,” convincing the farmer that Wilbur is no ordinary animal and should be saved. This novel is a classic that all children should read. The theme teaches children to think about their own life experiences. The three themes centers on friendship, determination and growth. At first, one of the primary themes is the power of friendship. It is the base of this novel.

To be a friend is to set self-interest aside and put your friends before yourself. Charlotte fulfills Wilbur’s need as a friend and devotes her efforts to save his life. Children are able to understand life and personalities through author’s writing techniques such as personification, metaphor etc. The author has given personalities to the animals because children like to daydream and have a lively imagination. They prefer fantasy of helping their friends deal with their problems, like as Charlotte does for Wilbur. Second, determination goes hand-in-hand with the theme of friendship in the novel.

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Without Fern’s persuasion for Wilbur he would have been killed as a runt. Charlotte tried her best to make Wilbur to see the snow in winter. Templeton was determined to find some food as much as he could. And Wilbur confirmed Charlotte was his good friend and repaid her by taking care of her children. The children can be known that they could finish up anything as long as they have determination. They will probably set some goals and put them into action. Finally, growth is one of the main themes in Charlotte’s Web. In the beginning of the novel, Fern is just a little girl in harmony with the lives of the animals.

As the story developments Fern grows up to a young girl interested in boys. Wilbur, early in the story, is immature and in the end that he cognize beyond himself. He finally understood that everyone does not need such frightened when the death coming; just remembers all of the well-being, like a valuable friendship. The words and sentences in this novel are simple but meaningful; they are also easy to understand. Similarly with language, the world described in children’s book is also pure and innocent, just like the world through children’s eyes.Children’s books can tell kids what our world would look like in an easy and witty way. “Wilbur liked Charlotte better and better each day.

” “Like” is simply “like” in children’s world. As a children’s story, “Charlotte’s Web” teaches kids a lot of principle of life, such as friendship, determination, and growth. The author mixed these meaningful concepts into a pure and soft story. Maybe after years, the children readers will finally understand, and find them more impressive.

That is the meaning of a famous children literature.