Charles Carlise’s Autobiographical Narrative Essay

When I was in eighth grade one of my childhood dreams came true.

I made the little league all-star team for the first time in my life. As I sat with the rest of the kids at the closing ceremonies of the regular season, I was not at all expecting my name to be called when the names of the select few players who made the all-star team were being announced. When they did call my name, I hesitated at first not knowing what to do. I was overcome by the awe of making the team.One of my friends told me to go up to the trophy stand where the coach of the all-star team was standing and accept my jersey, so I did.

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It took a while for it to really sink in that I had made the team, but when it did I was extremely delighted. I attended every all-star practice before our first game and was hungry with anticipation. The all-star tournament was single elimination, so if we lost even a single game it would all be over. I had some really good friends on the team although I was probably one of the least skilled players.We practiced nearly every day the two weeks before our first game. My excitement was steadily increasing with every practice.

When the first game came I was extremely happy yet nervous also. We ended up winning the game by the score of three runs to two although I did not get to bat at all and was put in only for two innings of defense. I was disappointed that I did not get to play much but I was happy with the win. Our second game was the next day and I hoped to get more playing time then.

When that day came it turned out that we were playing an extremely skilled team.We were losing three to one in the last inning and I still hadn’t played at all the whole game. One of my friends hit a double and then another one of my teammates hit a single to knock him in to score. The score was now three to two and we had a chance to come back. My coach then decided that we needed someone faster on the bases so he called for a pinch runner and my coach chose me. I was not at all expecting to be chosen for this task but I was ready.

I ran over to first base and hi fived my teammate who was returning to the dugout n the way. The next batter then stepped up to the plate. I looked over to my coach for signs but he did none that were recognizable. The pitcher looked over at me then delivered the pitch, ball one.

The next pitch I looked at my third base coach once again for signs and he had thrown in a steal sign. I took a large lead to set up the steal then saw my coach doing more signs. Then my coached wiped away the steal sign but before I knew it the pitcher was already throwing the ball to first base in an attempt to pick me off.I had thought I had made it back in time but the umpire called me out.

Two outs later we lost the game and I couldn’t help but feel as if I had given it up. I felt terrible for a few days after that but I had learned a valuable lesson. That lesson was that when under extreme pressure, always stay calm and remember what is most important in the situation. If I had been more aware of the pitcher and less anxious to steal, I would not have been thrown out and we may have won the game.


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