Characteristics Of Autocratic Leadership Business Essay

In an bossy leading manner, the individual in charge has entire authorization and control over determination devising. Autocratic leading is an utmost signifier of transactional leading, where a leader exerts high degrees of power over his or her employees or squad members. Peoples within the squad are given few chances for doing suggestions, even if these would be in the squad ‘s or organisation ‘s involvement.

The bossy leading manner is best used in state of affairss where control is necessary, frequently where there is small border for mistake. When conditions are unsafe, stiff regulations can maintain people out of injury ‘s manner. Good tantrums for Autocratic Leadership are Military, Manufacturing and Construction

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Features of Autocratic Leadership

Little or no input from group membersLeaderships make the determinationsGroup leaders dictate all the work methods and proceduresGroup members are seldom trusted with determinations or of import undertakingsIn alteration direction, this theory is successful during the exigency and necessary actions where is no opportunity of errors this is utile merely in those countries where merely orders and instructions are given e.g.

military, buildings etc.

Participative/Democratic Theory

The democratic leading manner is a really unfastened and collegial manner of running a squad. This theory suggests that the ideal leading manner is one that takes the input of others into history. These leaders encourage engagement and parts from group members and assist group members feel more relevant and committed to the decision-making procedure. In participative theories, nevertheless, the leader retains the right to let the input of others.

Group members feel engaged in the procedure and are more motivated and originative.In this theory, thoughts move freely amongst the group and are discussed openly. Everyone is given a place at the tabular array, and treatment is comparatively free-flowing.

The people have a more participatory function in the determination devising procedure. Levin ‘s survey found that participative leading, besides known asA democratic leading is by and large the most effectual leading style.AThe basic thoughts behind participative theory of leading can be summoned as follows:Everyone ParticipateNew thoughts are thrown aboutDecisions becomes more-orientedLeaderships can measure the worth of their policiesA progressive attackIn alteration direction, under this manner of leading leader demand to be take part in the undertaking which traveling to be achieved within the organisation with squad members to actuate and promote them towards the end.

Transformational Theory

The construct of transformational leading was developed by James Macgregor Burns[ 1 ]( Burns, 1978 ) . Harmonizing to Burns, transforming leading is a procedure in which “ leaders and followings help each other to progress to a higher degree of morale and motive. In transformational leading assorted mechanisms are used to hike employee morale and motive.

The undermentioned list explains some of the mechanisms used. Please note that following list is non thorough, many more mechanisms are used and I am naming a few ( Wiki-transformational, Ret. 2007 ) :Integrating single ends with the organisational end, it is to make a sense of belongingness ; it besides includes linking one ‘s individuality to the corporate individuality of the organisation.Picturing leader as a function theoretical account so that the full followings can follow him, holding a common function theoretical account besides helps in making common waies to follow.Followings are challenged to take greater ownership of their work ; this besides includes techniques like constructive unfavorable judgment.

This besides promotes the construct of taking liability of your actions in both positive and negative manner.Leader is made responsible for alining and optimising the employee public presentation by mensurating their strengths and failings.In alteration direction, under this manner of leading, leaders encourage and motivate the employees in such a manner that they perform at their best to accomplish more than the coveted or set end.

Transformational and Transactional

While there are many different attacks and theories of leading, Transactional and Transformational are compared the most, so based on my research online, here is my effort:TransformationalVoltTransactionalAims are achieved by moral values and higher thoughtsAims are achieved by wagess and penalties set by the leaderProactive leadingResponsive leadingIndividualized ConsiderationManagement by ExceptionMotivation is achieved by advancing group involvement and squad work spiritMotivation is achieved by advancing ego involvement


3 Leadership function theoretical accounts

I would wish to be a transformational leader, so would be naming two transformational concern leaders

Dr. Vijay Malaya

Mr. Rahul Bhatia

Leadership profiles

DR. Vijay Malaya

Dr. Vijay Malaya is presently of 56 old ages old and life in Kolkata, West Bengal, India. He got residence of India and Australia. He completed his Bachelor of Humanistic disciplines and scientific discipline from Calcutta University. His all the belongings was inherited and preparing twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

He is the trade name embassador of himself and prefers the belief to knowledge and endowment. He ever tries to concentrate on squad presentation and how much experience they have got. His populating criterion is really high profile and societal able. He got high ambitious individual and really dominant nature. Because of his bossy leading manner his company is dining. He got aggressive behaviour because his all normal negotiations are with general director of the company.

He is from one of the irregular and late leaders. He ever wants to the full attending on work from his staff. He has no emotions for his employees. Because his policy is to whenever any of his employees had said no to work, he fired his/her. In his company hiring and fire is frequent.

There are less opportunities of publicity in his company. There are less salary inducements every bit good in his company. He got strong place in political relations every bit good, with the aid of this power ; he is acquiring high name and celebrity.

Furthermore, he has acute involvement in athleticss every bit good. He is the proprietor of “ Royal Challengers Bangalore ” , an IPL cricket squad. He besides formed a Sahara force India expression one squad. Furthermore, by reading his image, it is shown that he is really consecutive forward leader, who does n’t wait for others to get down. In simple words, Vijay Malaya do everything is of his ain pick, he leads squad in really formal manner.

He does n’t hold any emotions for his employees.

Change Management

Under his leading, he made a large alteration in his company. His company is acquiring name and celebrity. He expands his company from low degree to high degree.

He started kingfisher air hoses. Before him harmonizing to study, the kingfisher was on 32nd rank in the universe, but after him, kingfisher got the 19th rank among another companies.

Mr. Rahul Bhatia

Mr. Rahul Bhatia is besides in his 60s. He was born in Bentwal, Karnataka.

He completed his surveies BS in electrical technology from university of Waterloo, Canada. Currently he is populating in Delhi, India. After finishing his surveies, he worked with IBM. Then he realized to setup his ain company Indigo. He believes in diligence, future mindedness, transparence in work. He is democratic leader.

He ever gives opportunities to others to execute. Because of his positive attitude, his company is reflecting twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours. He ever brings frontward good endowment. Mr. Rahul Bhatia ever tries to maintain his focal point on good squad public presentation. He believes in simple life and high thought.

He is really punctual in his life and ever set ends to be targeted. He has seen some hard period for his company, but he paid wages and fillip to each worker clip to clip. He is continuously learning and seeking to develop the leading manner. He is truly a really good leader and undertaking oriented. He respects the voice of his employees.

He has publicity policy in his company and ever promotes the good endowment.

Change Management

He started indigo as a private low cost bearer based air hose. But Rahul Bhatia put his a batch difficult work in anil, so that ‘s why it was the lone air hose in India doing net incomes by the terminal of March, 2012. It became the India ‘s largest air hose in footings of market portion.

Comparison between Dr. Vijay Malaya and Mr. Rahul Bhatia:

Sr. No.

Autocratic Style

Participative/Democratic Style

Dr. Vijay Malaya


Rahul Bhatia


He is merely one to do determinations.He tries to utilize the determination made by bulk


He does n’t hold any assurance on employees.He lets other coworkers come frontward and demo the ability.


He is ill-mannered to his employees and for error ; he got merely one penalty of fire.To set up ends though employees and assist them to work hard to accomplish ends.

Benchmarking standards

For puting up of benchmarking standards, I will be utilizing participative leading attack. I will be naming qualities of this leading attack as a benchmarking model for my ain personal development.Participative leaders have a really high grade of self-confidence- I see it as an indispensable component of my personal development benchmarking because I think every leader must hold assurance.

If you believe in yourself, merely so you can convert others to believe in you.About all participative leaders have high sense of Social Responsibility- it is of import as it lays the basic bill of exchange program for you to be socially responsible. Remember your followings besides form a portion of society, which makes it even more feasible for a leader.Participative leaders focus on Individualized Consideration- it is of import as non all employees are same, some can execute exceeding but merely necessitate an excess push.Transformational leaders have a proactive approach- It helps to accomplish higher employee morale and integrates personal and organisational ends.

So we can sum out the basic standards I described in Benchmarking standards as follows:High grade of ego assuranceSocial dutyIndividualized considerationProactive attack

2. Self-Assessment

2.1 Benchmarking

Potential analysis is a benchmarking tool that non merely compares your public presentation with benchmarks but besides tells you the divergence. Deviation is fundamentally the difference you need to do up in order to accomplish your coveted benchmark[ 2 ]( Mgmt, Ret 1999 ) .

Let ‘s analyse our set criterions in benchmarking standards with my ain public presentation:A1A2A3A4A5B1


Benchmarked Figure

My Own


B2Degree of ego assurance523B3Social consciousness523B4Individualized Consideration514B5Proactive attack523A2 Trials are the cardinal elements which are to be compared in Potential AnalysisA3 Benchmarked figures are the highest entire which can be attained in a comparative operational environment.A4 is the existent steps of my ain appraisal in footings of Trials ( figures here are calculated from the studies completed )A5 Deviation is the difference of comparing between benchmarked figure and the existent figure. This is the difference we need to cover up in order to accomplish benchmarked consequences.


I like to prefer participative leading manner.As I came from knowing Indian household I have adequate cognition about what qualities needed to be a good leader. My male parent ever asks our sentiments if he is traveling to do some major determinations that bring alterations to our household.

I am working in such environment where the leaders are wholly participative and promote all the clip to take parts in determination devising procedure by inquiring our positions.Harmonizing to me this leading manner is good suited for me because I can promote and actuate others to take part with their full extent. This encouragement enables squad members to play major portion in determination devising procedure which makes their public presentation better. I can steer as wise man to assist them in accomplishing their ends.I need to develop proactive attack towards leading.

Responsive attack like transactional is largely used in crisis direction.

3. Personal Development Plan







My short end is to go the director in my organisationI have chosen this end because after finishing my ( flat 5 ) in concern I will go valid for the director place.After finishing my class I will take 3 months developing for the clerical work done in the organisation. I have to take my leadingI need 2 twelvemonth more to acquire it to that place because at present I am working as a supervisorIf I get a good feedback working in the office from the director that will be my step to be at that place on that placeThe chief resources I need for this short term end is to finish my sheepskin in concern direction ( flat 5 )As my long term end is to be the country director of my organisationI have chosen this place because I have a good power of motive and converting power besides as I have a really good leading manner so that ‘s why my end is to be the country director of my organisationFor this end I need a really good communicating accomplishments to go to the large meetings or to the clients so I will take English category and besides I will travel for the farther surveies in the concern field ( flat 6 ) and ( flat 7 )So to acquire this major place in my organisation I need four to five old ages of clip because my surveies will take two old ages more and I have to acquire more experience and to accomplish a clear vision.In this end the steps will be my surveies if I will be able to finish my surveies so I will acquire my good accomplishments and knowledge.other steps will be the right determination taken as director of the organisation start from today.I need more money to acquire good instruction of the relating to my field, I need the clip and in that clip the determination made by me should be valid, necessitate more accomplishmentsMy another and the dream full end is to be the successful man of affairs in new Zealand and being as a really idol leader for the others so that anyone can give good illustration about me.Because it is my dream that I should be in the list of successful man of affairs in New ZealandAnd a really good individual to the people every bit good because success is nil if we do n’t hold regard in the society.I will travel for the farther surveies and have to larn the large footings the leader should hold like, assurance, hazard pickings, great vision, positive attitude, less negative points, great motive quality.As I have this really large end in forepart of me is really hard but non the impossible it needs likely 10 more old ages to be their because new Zealand successful concern is a large term itself, and need this period besides to acquire huge experience and great cognition and really good instruction as good and more significantly the focal point sAs I have told my short term and long term ends the success in these ends and in the given clip period will be great feedback to me.and if I will be successful in doing myself more vision able but with the difficult work that would be a good steps for me that I am traveling in a right manner.There are many resourcing that I need in this end to achieved I need good sum of clip to acquire work on each measure


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