Characteristics of a Good Teacher Essay

A teacher has a very important role in our society and only certain character qualities can be help to fulfill them. A teacher is not only a person, who should teach, he/she is a person who must lead a pupil along the way to the truth. The teacher shows the world and explains the laws of mankind. He/She is often a tutor, a person, a senior friend that you respect.

So, what makes a good teacher? I think the answer cannot be final because so many people, so many minds.Someone is sure that a good teacher should be strict and resolute , others say that he/she has to be calm and kind. I will try to put the answer in my own words. First of all, a teacher works with young people not with robots. So he should know how to socialize, how to help others. A teacher should never be tired of communication.

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What is more, a good teacher has to be very patient, willing to learn all his/her life because otherwise he/she will lag behind his students. Secondly, a good teacher has to understand his/her pupils, their feelings.A good sense of empathy is of great help in teacher’s work as well. It means that he/she should be a good psychologist. A teacher’s purpose is not only to present basic knowledge to students but also to educate them to be nice people understanding and appreciating social and spiritual values of life. Most of all, it is very important for a teacher to love his subject and be an expert in his/ her field.

His/Her mood, opinions are passed on his/her pupils. So he/she should be able to control his/her feelings and emotions.But the sense of humour is the best quality that can help a teacher to solve all the problems and live with a smile after such hectic life with students and documents. If a person loves something – his feelings, his personal example will be much better than any words.

Summarizing everything up, I should say that a good teacher is a vocation, a gift from God because sometimes a person has excellent qualities, wonderful character, loves the subject, but we can’t say that he/she is really a good teacher. To be a good teacher is a definitely a talent and a miracle that will never stop being admired.


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