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Character Analysis Essay, Research PaperFictional character AnalysisAnalyzing a character can explicate many things about a character to an audience. A character analysis can be based on little things such as physical features to every bit complex as a character s thought s of life. Many things such as struggle, puting, point of position, and the writer should be considered when analysing a character. The writer and audience are the most of import factors when it comes to character analysis.

Writers can picture a character in any manner, while the audience can construe them in other ways. When the writer creates a character, he/she wants to catch the reader and set them in the places of the character. As the audience, we begin to see the character in different point of views, and see things as the character sees them. The character I chose to analyse was John s married woman in The Yellow Wallpaper. I chose her because of her slow realisation of her ain insanity.First, the writer s manner of showing a character plays a major function in character analysis. In the beginning of the narrative the character negotiations calmly about her day-to-day modus operandi and openly about her ideas and feelings about her state of affairs.

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The writer, Charlotte Perkins Gilman does a good occupation of easy uncovering the character s insanity. She does it so good that it seems as if she knows how it is being insane. The manner the writer uses the scene and point of position plays a major function in the character s insanity.

The narrative takes topographic point in a house in the state with cipher about. The character is locked in her room because of her unwellness. The whole narrative is told in first-person point of position. Using the first individual point of position was brilliant of the writer, because it put us in the places of John s married woman.Second, the chief character ever has a struggle and most of the clip they overcome their jobs. In The Yellow Wallpaper, John s married woman is in struggle with herself. In the beginning she admits to her unwellness, but farther into the narrative she figures out how ill she truly is. Alternatively of seeking to happen a remedy for it, John s married woman dramas along as if she likes being insane.

Throughout the full narrativethe character notices something in the wallpaper of the room she is confined to. After many darks, she realizes that it is a adult female trapped behind the wallpaper as if she was in prison. In the terminal, John s married woman realizes that the adult female trapped behind the wallpaper is herself. When she eventually realized the truth, her insanity took over. At the terminal of the narrative she crawls around the room stating that she that she got out at last.

John s married woman Tells John and Jeannie that she pulled down the paper so that they could non set her behind it once more. Her insanity made her relate the wallpaper to prison as if she broke out. To me, the most communicable phrase in the narrative was the last one, Now why should that adult male have fainted? But he did, and right across my way by the wall, so that I had to crawl over him every clip! this showed the deepness of her insanity.Next, the writer seems as if she was stating a narrative based on her life. When looking at the image of the writer it seemed as if she could hold been John s married woman.

It seemed like the character and writer had some kind of relationship. There was something about the image that I can non depict that gave me that experiencing. The manner the writer told the narrative made it experience like I, the reader had a relationship with the character. In some kind of manner, it felt like I was in the room with the xanthous wallpaper.Last, there were many things I liked about the writer s presentation of the character. Chiefly, I like how the writer easy but purely showed the character s insanity edifice as the narrative went on. She would state the narrative as if it were three dimensional, where we could see every facet of the character s life.

The writer made me experience like I was a portion of the narrative and portion of the John s married woman. While reading the narrative I could experience the insanity lifting. The writer showed us how small things such as the day-to-day modus operandis, the character s solitariness, and green-eyed monster could construct her insanity to the point of no return.In decision, in analysing a character there are many factors that play major functions in the concluding analysis, it can be something so little as their expressions, to something so large as their personality.


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