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CHAPTER 3: INDUSTRIAL STRUCTURE AND PRODUCTION PROCESS3.1 Industrial Setup For generations attar has been produced using the traditional methods which continue to give the essence to the real attar. The manufacturer uses the archaic deg-bhapka system for the production. The degs are the kettle made up of copper and bhapka is the receiver made up of copper. The lid of the deg through which bhapka receives is called sarpos made of copper.

The big blocks bricks and soil in a row are made in which degs are placed and in front of that attaching to those small blocks of brick and soil are made to keep the bhapka. Below deg there is ongoing fire and bhapka is kept in water. Usually the industries with 2-3 deg-bhapka are set in the courtyard of the houses or some tin shade place and those with the large number of deg-bhapka either take some place under tin to set the whole production unit or if available set it in the grounds of their houses.

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Usually for the industrial purpose the area chosen should be under shade and at the same time it should provide ample amount of sunlight in order to keep attar into sunlight to remove the remaining moisture. The industries are usually large area filled with the mixture of attars, burning cow dungs and wood with the water. Attar is made since ages through the traditional process which is carried out since ages.

the container and other which are used to make attars are listed in ………..  NAME of the container and other USE OF THE CONTAINER Deg(kettle) or Still Used for hydro distillation technique (giver) CAPACITY – 10- 160 KILOS Bhapka Used for hydro distillation technique(receiver) Sarpos Lid of the deg (opening is present for the connection)   chonga Condenser ( connects deg and bhapka) khuppi Leather bottles digha High skilled workers who manage distillation      


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