Change Speech Essay

Change Change is Forthcoming. It is unpredictable, and yet easy to forecast. It is everywhere and a part of every single one of our lives. The Judgments and decisions we make in our everyday life can be a catalyst in what will be the biggest change we have ever come to, or they can mean nothing, and never affect us again after that moment.

Winston Churchill. Prime Minister of great Brittan. He was once just a normal human being who made all the right choices in life.Those choices led to his eventually becoming Prime Minister. As he himself once said: “there is nothing wrong with change, as long as it is in right direction.

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“ This quote fits directly into both our society and those of many other ages. But the question I pose to you all today is, how in fact, do we know which direction in particular is the correct one? Many people throughout society to have questioned what is right, and if what society deems as right is truly the correct way.The Ancient Greek philosopher for one, Socrates asked this question, while he pondered life and a bigger meaning for it all. He questioned the legitimacy of the Greek way and refused to back down, even with the impending threat of death as he said in his well-known speech regarding the alleged ungodliness and treason- “I shall not alter my conduct, no, not if I have to die a score of deaths”. While society saw what Socrates was doing as wrong and unethical, Socrates stood by on his belief and what he knew was right.

In the end, society killed Socrates for what he believed in, but in this day and age, Socrates word has lived on and prospered into so many of the minds of our society. These ideas of not giving up no matter what anybody says, reflects with googoo dolls hit- Iris. It is about knowing where you are in life and needing society and the world to see you and your ideas for how you truly are. “When everything’s made to be broken, I just want you to know who I am. ” This reflects the ideas of wanting the world to see you for how you truly are, not knowing if they will understand.Emma Goldman uses her language effectively and lures her listeners in her quasy legal speech into seeing her ‘treason’ as she does. While this speech, yet again did not succeed in reobtaining her freedom, it has made the history books and formed many opinions of society today. In the book Bloodlines (Richelle Mead) Sydney, the main character must choose between what she herself believes and can see is right, and what she has grown up learning is right.

She must hoose between her family and past way of life in order to live her life the way that she wants and believes is good. She must learn to not be afraid of things she was taught her whole life were bad for her. This is a difficult decision but one many must make. This relates yet again back to Churchill’s quote.

Change is good, as long it is in the right direction. The decisions these people make reflect of their lives in a positive way because deep down, they knew that it was right and good for both them and their societies.Mary McAleese.

18th President of Ireland. Catholic Leader. Defender of freedom and human rights. Mary McAleese’s speech was made during a difficult time in Ireland’s national history.

She wished to change public opinions and attitudes as well as legislate the freedom of speech act. She was a widely respected woman whose opinion was widely sought and respected. Her speech persuades the catalyst of change and the thoughts of the legislation of freedom of speech.This can be seen a positive change and a negative change, Positive for those that believe in human rights and the right to have your opinions clearly voiced without fear of others, and a negative for those who believe that freedom of speech should remain the same and does not need to be legislated. Change is not always good, nor is it always bad. Our decisions and judgements ultimately reflect change in our self, and for some change in the world. One moment can make a lifetime.

One lifetime can change the world, if only you know how to correctly change it.


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