Change Management – Individual Assignment Essay

Change ManagementIndividual AssignmentTable of contentPageCompany introduction03Presentation of collected informationA brief description of alteration state of affairs 04The facts lead to the change05The attack to the change06Hazards identified at the work place06Reasons for non – conformity to PPE06Execution 07Challenges 08Strengths 08Failings 09Benefits09Analysis and Discussion09Decision 10Mentions 11CompanyIntroductionAsoka Glass & A ; Mirror Company was established in 1946.Since so they supply and install glass and structural Glazing systems in Sri Lanka. Asoka Glass & A ; Mirror Company works in a close propinquity with many local and international building companies. The policy of the company is to work manus in manus in cooperation with the Architectsand the Consultants.

The company deals in all types of level and curving glass viz. Clear, Tinted, Reflective, Figured, Wired, Laminated, Tempered, Ceramic Frit, Self cleansing, Fire rated Bullet Proof, Night Vision and other types of Architectural Glass.Asoka Glass & A ; Mirror Company is the innovator of presenting Tempered glass in constructing building in Sri Lanka and they are the one and merely company in Sri Lanka that design, supply and put in a treated glass drape wall.With 110 employees, the Company has achieved great public presentations over past decennaries.VisionTo consolidate the legendary position as the innovator in the national glass industry through invention, client service and merchandise quality to international criterions.The Aims of the Companythe aim of Asoka Glass & A ; Mirror Company is to supply a one halt solution to clients on all types of spectacless. The company assets are its superior Products and its professional cognition and proficient expertness in the industry. To further augment their place as a comprehensive solution supplier, they have developed an expert squad to supply design, supply and installing services in structural glass applications.

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Today they are widely recognized in the industry as the taking solution supplier of high quality glass backed by their fast and antiphonal service. Their committedness in supplying quality merchandises and services has established them as the Market leader in the island.Merchandises – :

  • Tempered Glass
  • Safety Glass
  • Ceramic Frit Glass
  • Double Glaze Glass
  • Duratex
  • Terraglaz
  • Bullet Proof Glass
  • Opaci – Coat 300 Curved Glass
  • Vanceva
  • Sun Guard
  • Fire Rated Glass

.A brief description of the alteration state of affairsHealth and safety steps are undertaken to forestall many more hurts at work and to cut down the economic and societal costs. During past 3 old ages, Asoka Glass and Mirror Company have introduced new Personal Protective Equipments ( PPE ) including high quality baseball mitts, manus guards, boots and goggles.Any point of PPE imposes a barrier between the wearer and the on the job environment making extra strains on the wearer ; impair their ability to transport out their work and make important degrees of uncomfortableness.

Any of these can deter wearers from utilizing PPE right, hence puting them at hazard of hurt and/or ill-health. Therefore, they have conducted preparation Sessionss for the employees to educate them sing the importance of utilizing these equipments right at the work topographic point to cut down exposure to jeopardies.The chief purposes of these alterations are,

  1. To better the Quality of life of the employees.
  2. To minimise the cost due to jeopardies.

  3. To derive high efficiency and effectivity from the employees.
  4. To increase the productiveness of the Company.

After presenting these new PPEs and after developing the employees about right and timely usage of these equipments with tight supervising, the rate of hurts among the employees was reduced drastically. Further, the per centum of absenteeism per twelvemonth was reduced and public presentation of the employees was greatly increased. Hence, the productiveness and the output of the company was improved.The facts lead to the alterationAlthough the Company has introduced some PPE earlier, it is found that most of the employees are non utilizing them during working hours.

The Management has identified that it has led to increased figure of hurts among workers which straight related to figure of absentees. Further, they have identified that the productiveness of the Company is reduced and they were unable to derive maximum effectivity from the employees due to this fact.As an illustration, Goggles for oculus protection was the most ambitious but most needed PPE. Most of employees who experienced oculus hurts in the yesteryear, haven’t been have oning oculus protection at the clip of the accident. It is found that 1000s of workers in the World are blinded each twelvemonth from work-related oculus hurts that could hold been prevented.The attack to the alterationThey approached this affair in a bit-by-bit footing.They analyzed the inside informations on current state of affairs of the company and identified the strengths, failings, chances and menaces to the company.

Before implementing the alteration, Human Resource ( HR ) Department planned the process to be done. They held a meeting and collected valuable thoughts from the executives to implement this alteration successfully. After that, HR executives made the whole company cognizant about this alteration section wise.Then, they identified the jeopardies at the workplace. They interviewed a random figure of employees covering each and every subdivision to place the grounds for non-compliance over Personal Protective Equipments. Afterward, they tried to turn to the challenges to non-compliance in a better manner presenting high quality merchandises with a tight supervising.

Hazards identified at the workplace

  1. Injuries to eyes while managing glass merchandises
  2. Injuries to organic structure while managing, raising or transporting glass merchandises
  3. Injuries due to stealing or falling on the land
  4. Injuries due to reach with traveling machinery

Reasons for non-compliance to PPEThe primary cause for non-compliance was workers consider that PPE are difficult to utilize because they are uncomfortable, excessively hot, ailing tantrum, non available near work undertaking, and looking unattractive. Further, it is clip devouring to have on those equipments before work. In add-on to that they have a perceptual experience that utilizing PPE interferes with the ability to execute the occupation efficaciously. The employees see more about the physical uncomfortableness arisen when have oning these equipments.The schemes taken by safety directors to promote greater PPE conformity were,

  1. Bettering bing instruction and preparation plans
  2. Increased monitoring of employees
  3. Buying more comfy PPE
  4. Buying more fashionable PPE
  5. Tiing conformity by single public presentation ratings
  6. Developing incentive plans.

ExecutionWhen implementing the alteration, the undermentioned facts were taken into consideration.

  1. protection of workers
  2. conformity with applicable ordinances and internal company criterions
  3. proficient feasibleness

The Management considered the jeopardies, evaluated possible control methods, integrated assorted attacks, and reexamined them often to guarantee a safe workplace. They have done rating, and reevaluation at assorted phases throughout the plan. This needed committedness and active engagement of all employees including senior direction, supervisors, and workers.The alteration was implemented carefully, methodically and introduced measure sagely.

First, the employees were encouraged to utilize PPE. The proper types of PPEs were selected sing the grade of protection required and the rightness of the equipments to the state of affairs. Decisions were made based on thorough jeopardy rating, worker credence, types of PPE available and the cost.

An single adjustment plan was carried out by qualified forces. The adjustment with PPE to employees were checked on an single footing. At the clip of adjustment, it is showed each worker how to have on and keep PPE decently.

They were trained on right usage of equipments and educated them sing the benefits of utilizing PPE. The clip allowed for workers to have on new PPE was increased bit by bit. After 2 hebdomads from the day of the month that the plan is introduced, the usage of PPE made a needed status of employment with tight supervising.

Education plans were held on a regular footing to get the better of expostulations to have oning it. Each job was addressed on an single footing.The altering plan was monitored by review of the equipment and auditing of processs.ChallengesMain rivals of this execution are ;

  1. Although a figure of employees accepted the new alteration and adapted to the new state of affairs, a few employees looked towards these alterations in a negative manner.

    They considered that have oning new PPE is a nuisance and it reduces the effectivity.

  2. Several differences were taken topographic point between the Management and employees sing this affair.
  3. It was bit hard to garner each and every employee for the preparation Sessionss where they were educated about PPE, their usage and care and wellness benefits of utilizing them unless doing the Sessionss compulsory for everyone.


  1. Human Resources section got fullest support from all the executives of the company to implement this plan successfully.
  2. The support given by all the officers sing good quality PPEs
  3. There was a good supervising squad.
  4. Better horizontal degree communicating.
  5. Handiness of trained forces to carry on preparation Sessionss.

FailingsThe chief failing was deficiency of cognition of employees and the reluctance to accept the alterations.Benefits

  1. Reduced absenteeism of the employees.
  2. Reduced outgo for jeopardies direction.
  3. High efficiency and effectivity of the employees.
  4. Increased productiveness of the Company.

Analysis and DiscussionAsoka Glass and Mirror Company has implemented several schemes in order to familiarise the employees with PPE. Harmonizing to the direction of the company the highest opposition towards PPE was exhibited among the workers at the age above 45 old ages due to the traditional positions of them. The direction had to carry on several preparation programmes for the workers above the age of 45 old ages for them to recognize the importance of PPE.Choice of more fashionable and comfy PPE had shown a important influence towards altering of the employees at their late 20s.Harmonizing to my point of position I feel that it will be more effectual if the direction can set up little field visits for the workers to other companies who are presently utilizing PPE which will let them to portion thoughts with other employees who are familiar with PPE.DecisionExecution of a alteration direction scheme should see employees harmonizing to their ages, due to the fluctuation of the attitudes with age.Making alterations in the attitudes of the employees will be more effectual than implementing schemes that will set regulations and ordinances for the employees.


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