Chan And Sukumaran

The tone Of Dick’s article shifts from reproachful to logical and questioning as Dick tries to position the reader to believe not only that the death penalty shouldn’t exist, but also that action needs to be taken to stop all those who impose it. Dick begins the article by discussing how unnecessary the act of capital punishment is and questioning not only the morality of the act but also the morality of those who chose to use it.To support this view, Dick uses hyperbolic language such as “methodical plan to kill” and “implication of their snap-opinion-by-text” to position the reader to feel that the situation is much rave than they believed and that the actions of the Indonesian president is completely unnecessary.

Dick also references the click ‘when in Rome, do as the Romans do’ when he says “when in Deadener’ but, by adding “and all that”, leads the reader to believe that he is unhappy with the fact that Australians are being punished by Indonesian law and that this is unjust and unmoral.Dick tries to present to the audience a calm, peaceful image of Chain and Summary and supports this through his use of the image captioned “Holding out hope”. The image includes a calm looking, nonviolent in appearance, Chain and Summary. They are not surrounded by guards or appear to be angry and Dick is using this image to lead readers to believe that they are being wrongfully condemned to the death penalty. There is little detail given in the image as to where the pair are and position readers to question whether Chain and Summary should be punished by Indonesian law, despite the fact that they are Australians.Another key aspect of Dick’s article is how little the death penalty seems to deter others from committing crimes.

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Dick begins the article by presenting owe logical and precise killing through the death penalty is and then leads readers to question just how logical it is by saying that “sentencing should follow some sort of reason, and if a death sentence is anything it is irrational. ” This appeal to logic positions readers to question deeper the morality of the death penalty and to investigate whether this form of sentencing is likely to deter those who are thinking of committing similar crimes.To further support this appeal, Dick uses statistical evidence, such as “In states with capital punishment, [murder rates] averaged about 6. 7 [“murders per 100,000 population”]”, to lead the reader to see that there is more reason to believe that the death penalty is illogical and ineffective than that it acts as a deterrent for others. Dick ends concept by using sarcasm, in the form of “some deterrence”, to further draw the reader to believe that there is no advantage of the death penalty as it is not even able to deter others from murder.Dick draws his article to a conclusion by discussing ways in which the Australian community has, and is able to, support Chain and Summary. Dick emphasizes to the reader his opinion that “if [Joke Widow] allows the killings, Australia should protest loudly by using the quote “if we don’t make a fuss about the execution of two of our own, when will we? ‘ both as the pull quote near the beginning and near the end Of the article.

This is done to try and ‘tie together the thoughts of the reader around Dick’s main ideas of how unmoral and unnecessary capital punishment is. Dick also tries to use inclusive language to further express his opinion and position the reader to feel that we are one community by saying that “we should protest”, however, expressing that Indonesia does not comprise of this community as he says hat “Kook Widow, and therefore Indonesia] is a determined participant in a practice banned in most of the world, although not for most of the world’s people. Dick ends is article by referencing the title of the piece and its use of the idea of barbarism. By stating that “we should protest this useless barbarism every. Veer”, Dick is not only calling the Australian population to take action in the case of Chain and Summary, but is also positioning the reader to fight anyone and everyone who believes that the death penalty is a logical sentence for a crime “in which no one was injured”


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