Ceremony A Book Report Including Indian Culture Essay

Ceremony- A Book Report Including Indian Culture And Mythology Essay, Research PaperFEAR=DESTRUCTIONThey fearThey fear the universe.

They destroy what they fear.They fear themselves.They will kill the things they fearall the animate beingsthe people will hunger.They will fear what they findThey will fear the peopleThey kill what they fear ( Silko 136 ) .Leslie Marmon Silko uses these three short transitions taken from an ancient Indian narrative included in the novel Ceremony to show and convey the thought that the white adult male s fright was the primary factor lending to their negative actions toward the Indian people. The ancient Indian narrative that the transitions are pulled from besides explains how Indian witchcraft led to the innovation of the white people and all the evil interior of them, doing them to destruct the universe and everything else that inhabits it.When the air current blew the white people across the ocean, 1000s of them in elephantine boats ( Silko 136 ) , they were faced with the unfamiliar civilization of the Indian people. Besides the fact that the Indians were in their manner of enlargement and development, the white adult male feared what they found.

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They feared an unknown linguistic communication that they had ne’er heard before and could non understand. They feared rites and ceremonials that seemed unusual and leery. They feared a societal integrity of sharing and togetherness that they found dismaying and intimidating.The Indians woke up one forenoon to happen that the lands they one time belonged to were no longer theirs. The workss and documents said the land now belonged to the white common people. It was taken off from them by sheer physical force, stolen, and they were sent off to populate on reserves. Tayo was a portion of the Laguna Pueblo reserve.

As a immature child on the Laguna Pueblo reserve, Tayo and the other kids were sent off to white schools, and it was compulsory that they did non talk in their native lingua or take portion in any of their old ways. The instructors told them to bury what they had learned back on the reserve, that they had no ground to believe the superstitious narratives any more. Now they should believe in books and scientific discipline because they explained the causes and effects ( Silko 94 ) . The white adult male feared the different civilization of the Indians, and they wanted the Indians to bury their yesteryears so they could easy act upon them and do them conform to the white ways. An Indian narrative says,Their immorality is mightybut it can t stand up to our narratives.So they try to destruct the narrativesallow the narratives be confused or forgotten.They would wish thatThey would be happyBecause we would be defenceless so ( Silko 2 ) .

For illustration, one twenty-four hours Josiah found a clump of dead flies in the house and confronted Tayo about it. Josiah asked why he did it and Tayo replied that the instructor at school said flies are bad because they carry sickness and disease. The white instructors had taught him something against his civilization because Indians are supposed to esteem all life signifiers on the Earth. Josiah told him the narrative of how the greenbottle flies are particular couriers and how he should retrieve the narrative following clip he thinks about killing a fly or any animate being for that affair.Old Betonie, the medical specialty adult male, recalled a clip when the white people were highly fearful of Indians.

He said, I was at the World s carnival in St. Louis, Missouri, the twelvemonth they had Geronimo at that place on show. The white people were scared to decease of him. Some of them even wanted him in leg chainss ( Silko 122 ) .

Alternatively of appreciating Geronimo for his alone civilization, he was disrespected and treated as a monster show exhibit. The white people did non seek to larn about his background or interact with him because they were excessively fearful to look past his differences and accept him as a fellow human being.The white adult male introduced intoxicant ( firewater ) to the Indians in an effort to command them, pull strings them, and take advantage of them. As the Indian people became more dependent on the intoxicant, the white adult male fed the dependence with more intoxicant, more bars, and more spirits shops. The Indian people turned to alcohol to ease their hurting and to submerge their sorrows, which corresponded absolutely to the program the white people had in head. The Indians abandoned their civilization and forgot about the ways of old, go forthing them in a vulnerable place for the white adult male to travel in and take over.

The Indians no longer worried about narratives, imposts, or ceremonials. Their new mission was to acquire rummy. With civilization, tradition, and togetherness losing from the Indian people, their undefiled life styles were now tarnished with the sick effects of purging inexpensive vino and take parting in harlotry. The power and integrity they one time shared with each other had disappeared, and the sacred land they appreciated and respected was no longer under their control. The land was now in the custodies of the white adult male, which would take to lay waste toing maltreatment, pollution, resource depletion, and finally devastation.

The ancient Indian narrative said, They will fear the people and They will kill what they fear ( Silko 136 ) . The white adult male was so highly fearful of Indians every bit good as other people from foreign lands that they felt it was necessary to develop a powerful ground forces to protect their involvements and defend themselves. They built up their arsenal with guns, bombs and missiles. Finally they developed what would be the most unsafe and lay waste toing arm on the face of the Earth, the atomic bomb. Top scientists and experts in the field of atomic merger met together in top-secret research labs deep in the Jemez Mountains, on land the Government took from the Cochiti Pueblo, and created the extremely sophisticated atomic arm ( Silko 246 ) .Up hereIn these hillsThey will happen the stones,Rocks with venas of green and xanthous and black.

They will put the concluding form with these stonesThey will put it across the universeAnd detonate everything ( Silko 137 ) .In order for Tayo to finish his ceremonial he ironically had to utilize an ore stone, streaked with powdery xanthous U ( Silko 246 ) . Uranium was a chief constituent used to do the atomic bomb. When the atomic bomb explodes it kills all life signifiers in its way, go forthing radioactive waste to guarantee there will no longer be life. If the Indian narrative is true, a atomic war will be the human event to stop all human events.

Plants CitedSilko, Leslie Marmon. Ceremony. New York: Penguin Books, 1986.


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