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Cellular Phone Tracking Essay, Research PaperOn April 9th of last twelvemonth, Ellen Kirk from San Jose, California had a tragic auto accident, banging her into tree. Bleeding abundantly, she reached into here purse, grabbed her cell phone, and called 911 and tried to give her location every bit best as possible. She waited, and waited, and waited.

And when the ambulances arrived, a full hr has passed. When the E.M.

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T & # 8217 ; s found her, she was already dead.The illustration I merely gave is non an stray incident, there are countless more, such as Terry Pedigo in Houston, Texas who had a bosom onslaught at a local park. And in all of these instances, exigency services were non able to follow the location of the cell phone, and acquire to the victim in clip.In the United States, harmonizing to the Federal Communications Commission or FCC, there are over 66 million cellular phone users. And we are cognizant of the benefits of cellular phones, particularly in accidents to reach exigency services, such as 911. And these wireless phone calls make up over 40 % of entire calls placed to 911 exigency centres, a sum of over 98,000 per twenty-four hours.

In most fortunes, they are able to turn up the victim. However, in all excessively many state of affairss, the exigency crew spends valuable clip seeking for their company in hurt & # 8212 ; which can take to more serious hurt or even decease.Presently in the United States, there are no Torahs which require cellular phone companies to implement this already bing engineering into their services.

In Houston, Texas the engineering to find the place of a phone call placed from a Cellular phone is already in topographic point on the phone towers, nevertheless none of the radio telephone suppliers are really keeping and runing it. And Motorola is the first to really denote that they will fit their phones with engineering to be able to make this.And the cost of this & # 8212 ; a small letter 10 dollars for the digital signal processing bit. Much of this plan of cellular phone location is done through the $ 10 Billion dollar orbiter of the US Department of Defense & # 8217 ; s Global Positioning System. With this, the location of a phone call placed by a radio phone can be determined to less than five metres.

And many other extra possibilities are being developed by companies such as SnapTrack and Cell-Loc, which are leaders in this industry. And of all of this is at a minimal cost to the consumer, while giving them maximal benefits for supplying to their safety.The Technology is here, and so is the despairing demand for this. There is no ground why person should decease because of a job that can be easy fixed. Mandate these plans to Cellular phone suppliers, and you might merely salvage a life or two. Vote for the declaration refering


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