Cell Phones in School Essay

Over the last couple of years technology use has improved greatly.

One of the easiest ways to carry technology is now through a cell phone. As it grows bigger and bigger it is being suppressed by many schools. Students should be allowed to use their cell phones during school. Most students already bring their mobile device with them to school. This brings a lot of concern to a large group of people. One may cheat on an assignment, distract others who are working diligently on their work, or interrupt the class.

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By giving students permission to use their phones, that would give them a greater opportunity to cheat on their work. They would be more likely to search up the answers before or during the test. One could simply message another student for the answer. Cheating is one of the main reasons why cell phones are banned in a plethora of schools. A student with a phone out does not only distract himself, but others all around him.

The smallest distraction can get a class off course, and slow down the learning process. A cell phone can distract students in various ways.Some distractions include text messaging, playing games, checking emails and even unexpected phone calls during the middle of class. Interrupting the class with a cell phone can have some pretty harsh consequences. It can result in detention, zeros on assignments, suspension and sometimes failing the course entirely. Although some students receive no penalty. They are just left with a warning.

Having a cell phone during school can be very versatile. Many parents make students keep their phones, even though it break student handbook.If a parent would ever need to communicate to their kid a cell phone is a perfect way.

Parents always like to check up on their kids to make sure they are okay. If schools allow cell phones to be used, it would better the learning experience. A cell phone can be a very effective learning tool. This would let the teacher communicate with his or her students more efficiently. If a student was absent, the teacher could send him the assignment. This is one of the most efficient ways to communicate with a student.

Allowing cell phones would let the class do more things with technology.The world is evolving from books to electronics. Everything is now on the internet. And having a smart phone would allow access to that resource when the student needed it. Cheating is gonna happen with or without cell phones. Students these days are so creative in finding ways to cheat.

Even if you ban cell phones cheating can and will still occur no matter what you do. Cell phones can be used for communication for school uses. Students could text message each other about sport practices, meetings, school projects, and discuss a variety of things.

With larger schools it’s harder to communicate with your friends. This would allow you to talk to your friends without being late to their class by going to see them. Cell phone usage in schools would be better in the student body interest. It’s always a good thing this keep students happy.

If you keep them happy you end up with less and less rules broken. Students will respect what you gave them and be thankful that they get to use their phone. Teaching students how to use this technology would be easy.Many students already have phones and know how to use them.

It would be technology that everyone was already familiar with. Since they would already know how to use their phone the transition from no phones to having phones would be smooth. Students should be able to use the resources that are handed to them. And a cell phone should be one of those resources. Teachers and school administrators shouldn’t have such strict rules on cell phone. Having cell phones enhances the learning style.

Having a cell phone can only benefit the learning experience.


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