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Celia Behind Me Essay, Research PaperCelia Behind meIn her narrative, Celia Behind Me, Isabel Huggan writes about the topic that all of us can associate to: Pressure to suit in and be accepted. The chief character, Elizabeth, struggles with her ain insecurity and place within the group of childs. The consequence of her insecurity is frustration she expresses on Celia.

Elizabeth s place within the group of those childs was unstable. She makes herself believe that she is a portion of the group. They go place together and they pick on Celia together. That makes her believe she belongs to the group. She was one time characterized as Sucky ( 292 ) for sucking her finger in kindergarten. and had sucked my pollex so openly in kindergarten that Sucky had stuck with me all the manner to Rate 3 where I now balanced at a risky point, ( 292 ) .

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Fear from being titillated empowers her to pick on Celia with the remainder of the childs.Part of Elizabeth s defeat comes from the fact that Celia represents much of what Elizabeth doesn & # 8217 ; t like about herself. She would be happy if Celia reminded her of some fine-looking individual.

But that s non the instance. Her wittingreminds her of similarities between two of them. I was sort of chunky and wore spectacless excessively, ( 292 ) . She struggles with her fright of going the following Celia. “For I knew, deep in my deplorable bosom, that were it non for Celia I was following in line for humiliation” ( 292 ) .Her place within the group is unidentified. She merely walks place with the remainder of the group.

After one incident Elizabeth realizes that her topographic point in the group is non unafraid plenty. She was reminded of her old position. Suckybabies can t hold Sweets either. Di-a & # 8211 ; beet-ics and Suck-y-ba-bies can t eat cocoa ( 293 ) . The childs put her in the same group as Celia. Her worst fright becomes true and she could be picked on once more.

Some people do non take the manner how to accomplish something. Some of them don t even realize that they might hold hurt person. Does the end excuse the manner? I think non. Elizabeth is a nice illustration of it. Her force becomes the consequence of defeat. Anyway that incident makes her to acquire cognize her dark side ; the side she ne’er new existed.

She made me detect a darkness far more awful than the repeating culvert, far more abiding than her smooth, pink face ( 295 ) .


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