Celestine Prophecy Essay Research Paper NOTE Book

Celestine Prophecy Essay, Research Paper( Note: Book written in first individual and the name of the storyteller was ne’er revealed, to avoid confusion he will be referred to as James, the writers foremost name )1.

James meets an old friend named Charlene who tells him of a manuscript consisting of nine penetrations that were late found in the Peruvian countryside.2. James decides to travel to Peru in hunt of this manuscript and so James books a flight to Peru.3. During the flight, James meets a scientist named Dobson who is besides in hunt of the manuscript.4. Dobson tells James of the first penetration: all looking happenstances in life are truly events meant to go on, which straight reflects their meeting.5.

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Once off the plane, James and Dobson have a run in with the local authorities and they loose contact.6. After fring contact with Dobson, James meets Wil, who leads him to a secret compound where the manuscript is being read and studied.7. At the compound, James meets Julia and she tells him about the relationship between workss and the energy field.8. James learns that the churches and authoritiess of Peru don T like the manuscript and will make whatever it takes to maintain it from the populace.9.

While go oning his hunt around the countryside, James tries to larn more about the manuscript but ends up losing contact with Wil and being arrested by the authorities.10. James is held at a installation run by priests, Through a past brush James had discovered that his intent in life was to larn what the church fears about the manuscript.11. While held up in the installation James tries to convert the priest that their frights about the manuscript are baseless12. James escapes with another friend named Marjorie who is besides being held at the installation.

13. James rejoins his past friends and ends up in a confrontation with the Cardinal of the church in Portugal14. The Cardinal is unconvinced by James and his efforts to maintain the Manuscript alive, James accomplishes nil more than to convert the Cardinal to destruct all transcripts of the manuscript15.

James goes back to the U.S. to distribute the message of the manuscript because the lone topographic point where it still existed was in the memories of the people who s oculus s it had graced.Passage Analysis1. ) & # 8220 ; Life is about go throughing a religious test. & # 8221 ; ( Dobson, pg.

26 )Response: This transition is stated by Dobson, the first individual that James, the writer and chief character, meets in the book. This transition is important because it sends a message to the reader of what might come to follow in the book. James go throughing his religious pursuit and happening the truth about his life and ground for humanistic disciplines being.2. ) Passage: & # 8220 ; Working to set up a more comfy manner of endurance has grown to experience complete in and of itself as a ground to populate, and we ve bit by bit, methodically, bury our original inquiry & # 8230 ; We ve disregarded that we still wear T cognize what we re lasting for. & # 8221 ; ( Dobson, pg.

22 )

& gt ;Response: This transition refers to the deficiency of way in society today. Peoples seem to happen doing life easier and more epicurean in itself a ground to be. We see it everyplace in today s society and as engineering prospers so does this mislead manner of life. The whole intent of the manuscript was to state humanity why it is still here. The hunt for the manuscript, in a manner, is a hunt for the significance of life as we know it. The manuscript represents the greater intent in life, that which is beyond merely set uping & # 8220 ; a more comfy manner of survival.

& # 8221 ;3. ) Passage: & # 8220 ; We have found that when an person walks up to another individual and engages in a conversation & # 8230 ; one of two things can go on. That person can come off experiencing strong or feeling weak, depending on what occurs in the interaction. & # 8221 ; ( Reneau, pg. 70 )Response: Reneau is explicating to James the theory behind the beginning of energy discussed in the Second Insight. Each individual has their ain single energy. This statement simplifies all struggles in the universe to whether an persons energy is lost or gained.

The victor of the statement steals a big part of the also-rans energy and leaves the other individual experiencing drained. The victor, with an copiousness of energy foliages experiencing good about his or herself. This explains the simple emotions and feelings felt by people, associating the sum of energy to the manner one feels about his or herself.4. ) Passage: & # 8220 ; We have a religious intent, a mission, that we have been prosecuting without being to the full cognizant of it, and one time we bring it wholly into consciousness, our lives can take off. & # 8221 ; ( Father Carl, pg.

146 )Response: Until we discover what our religious intent is, our lives will look about meaningless. It is non until we are able to detect our intent in life is that we will be complete. Once our intent in life is discovered everything will wholly snarl into topographic point and we will be able to carry through anything. This transition is important because James had merely discovered his religious intent from Father Carl, to convert the church non to destruct the manuscript.5. ) Passage: & # 8220 ; Isn t the narrative of the New Testament the narrative of a group of people being filled with some sort of energy that transformed them? Didn T Jesus, himself, say that what he did, we could make besides, and more? We ve ne’er truly taken that thought earnestly, non until now. We re merely no w hold oning what Jesus was speaking about, where he was taking us. That manuscript clarifies what he meant! How to make it! & # 8221 ; ( Father Sanchez, pg.

236 )Response: The concluding penetration of the manuscript refers to the motion to a higher consciousness and go forthing the Earth to accomplish a higher plane. Sanchez is seeking to convert the Cardinal of the Portuguese church that to travel to a higher consciousness is to make what Jesus did and was get downing to learn us to make. The manuscript merely completes theses instructions. This higher consciousness is supposed to be the ground for bing, beyond merely bing to do life more gratifying. This higher consciousness spoken of in the concluding penetration represents the significance of humanistic disciplines being, to make a higher field.


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