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Cayce CheairsSOC 512Problem Based Learning AssignmentGroup #2  Case: PublicEducationQuestion:What successful strategies were used by the Chicago Teachers Union to push backagainst privatization of public education?Outline:I.              Fightfor the Soul of Education- Karen Lewis and CORE leadership in CTUa.     Rank and file teacher leadership-social unionismb.

     Transformation within union fromservice to organizing model- investment in organizingII.            SharedVision- the School’s Chicago’s Children Deservea.     Connection with and support of parents-face to face meetings/forumsb.     Reframing to combat anti-union propaganda,shared vision of better working conditions and better learning environments,situated local struggles within broader system; neoliberal capitalismc.

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     Social justice focus- intersectionswith racial justice, anti-gentrification, housing, immigration rightsd.     Coalition-building with communityorgs- allianceIII.          DirectAction- The First Strike in 25 yearsa.     Direct actions in response to schoolclosuresb.

     Strike had lots of community supportc.     Visible both in city center and inmarginalized communitiesReferences:Bartlett, R.(2013). Creating a New Model of a Social Union: CORE and the Chicago TeachersUnion. Monthly Review; New York, 65(2), 12–23. Retrieved from https://search-proquest-com. vision of social unionism.Caucus of Rank and File educators (CORE). Importance of rank and fileleadership within the union. Karen Lewis’s framing of the issue as a “fight forthe soul of public education.

” Direct action confrontations in response to targetedschool closures. Collaboration with community groups fighting gentrificationand other unions and community orgs. Change model of union from service toorganizing. Shared vision of education report: The Schools Chicago’s ChildrenDeserve. Key to winning the teacher’s strike: parent/community support. Transformativemodel for labor unions- a focus on social justice and intersections of economic,racial, healthcare, immigrant, and housing issues. Brogan, P.(2014).

Getting to the CORE of the Chicago Teachers’ Union Transformation. Studiesin Social Justice, 8(2), 145–164.

26522/ssj.v8i2.1031Key strategy: situating localstruggles within broader system of inequality and neoliberal capitalism thatprioritizes profits over people.

Mayor Emmanuel inadvertently brought moreprivileged White parents together with marginalized Black and Brown parents andthe union through proposed cuts and longer school day, leading to union supportand organizing against the school board. State law prohibits strikes related toanything more than pay/benefits, union members were clear that they were strikingfor better learning environments for the students. CTU held forums across thecity so parents and community members could share their questions and concernsabout the strike. Strike- first in 25 years- had strong community support,marches and rallies held downtown first few days, then moved to outer most marginalizedneighborhoods to demonstrate solidarity with these communities. Fine, M.& Fabricant, M. (2014, September 24).

What it takes to unite teachersunions and communities of color. The Nation.Retrieved from https://www.thenation.

com/article/what-it-takes-unite-teachers-unions-and-communities-color/Collaboration between teachersunions and communities has strengthened power and momentum for educationaljustice. Shared vision of better working conditions for teachers and betterlearning environment for students. Coalition-building.  “reclaim public education as the gateway toracial and economic justice”


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