Causes and Spread of Infection Essay Sample

1. Identify the differences between bacteriums. viruses. Fungis and parasites.Bacteria is something that we need some of.

it needs a heat. wet. clip and nutrient in order to multiply. which in the right conditions they multiply rapidly. Viruss need a life host in order to last. they don’t respond to antibiotics and new strains of virus are developing all the clip. Fungus kingdoms are molds and barms. they need a warm and moist environment to last.

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much like bacteriums. Parasites feed off the host it’s inhabiting. it uses the nutriment from the flesh to last.

2. Identify common unwellnesss and infections caused by bacteriums. viruses. Fungis and parasitesThe status is:Description of unwellness:Is it Bacteria. Viruses. Fungi. or Parasite infections?WartIt can be spread in swimming baths. or communal bathroomsVirusCold soresBantam blisters chiefly found around the oral cavityVirusMeningitisPainful stiff cervix.

and disfavor of bright visible radiationsVirusHead liceNits may be seenParasiteMRSACan populate harmlessly in nose or oral cavityBacteriasColdMild sore pharynx and concernVirusC-DifficileImmune to penicillin type antibioticsBacteriasInfluenzaSneezing and coughingVirusMacular RashFlat ruddy musca volitanss on the faceBacteria/Virus/FungusSyphilisA bacterium passed on by sexual intercourseBacterias

3. Describe what is meant by ‘infection’ and ‘colonisation. ’Colonization is when a bug finds itself a host and a susceptible environment ( for illustration ; skin or an object ) and so multiplies. Not needfully endangering. but you so go the bearer. Infection is when normal operation of the organic structure is disrupted. it can be for a short period of clip. but in more serious instances it can be for a drawn-out sum of clip.

4. Explain what is meant by ‘systemic infection’ and ‘localised infection. ’A systematic infection is when marks and symptoms affect the whole of the organic structure. and you may hold more than one symptom i. e. hurting legs. concern. sore pharynx.

A localized infection is when the infection merely affects one portion of the organic structure and is localised to that country. for illustration. if you were to fire yourself on the Fe and it became warm and ruddy it may be a mark of infection.5. Identify hapless patterns that may take to the spread of infection.Poor manus hygiene ;Lack of domestic cleanliness ;Not utilizing PPE ;Using PPE on more than one individual at a clip ;Lack of personal hygiene.

6. What are the conditions needed for the growing of microorganisms?Most micro-organisms demand wet.

heat and a beginning of nutrition – some can last without O. They need a manner of spread and a vulnerable host.7. What are the ways an infection might come in the organic structure?Where an infection may come in the organic structure is called the Portal of Entry.

An infection can come in the organic structure via the undermentioned ( to call a few ) : A cut ( tegument )On nutrient ( through tummy )Water ( through tummy )Urine ( bodily fluids )Fecal matters ( bodily fluids )SalivaBlood

8. Identify the common beginnings of infection.Common beginnings of infection include nutrient. H2O. people who are sick ( grippe or winter purging virus for illustration ) . animate beings and hapless life quality ( rats. mice etc.

)9. Explain how morbific agents can be transmitted to a individual.Infective agents can be transmitted to a individual in a few ways. by piercing the tegument and lease sources enter through respiratory piece of land. by inhaling besides.

You can absorb some things through the tegument. such as chemicals. Infected agents can be transmitted to an person through holding sex with septic person. You can consume something that has infective sources.10. Identify the cardinal factors that will do it more likely that infection will happen.Cardinal factors that make it more likely that infection will happen are: Poor manus hygienePoor apprehension of infection controlInappropriate usage of PPE ( re-using individual usage )


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