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Catholic Reformation Essay, Research PaperModern Catholic authors, being no longer able to deny wholly the corruptness of the Church which led to the Reformation, claim that the Popes detected such evil as there was and effected a complete internal reform independently of any force per unit area of Protestantism. It is one of the most bold or dare of the myths they impose upon their people under screen of their censoring. The names in the Myth, do non demo up at all in history. The facts show that these few work forces began to pull up lists of the necessary reforms in 1497, but the Court of Cardinals refused to elect a reform-Pope until 1555, when half of Europe was in rebellion against the Papacy, and Rome itself had been fearfully ravaged and impoverished by the ground forcess of the Catholic Emperor ( 1527 ) . To that day of the month every Pope was really barbarous or had simply outlived his ill-famed frailties, and the Court and the organic structure of the clergy remained inordinately corrupt.

A rigorous Pope so ruled for four old ages, to be followed by a adult male of so low a character, Pius IV, that the evil elements instantly awakened one time more. After six old ages ofthis, Rome endured for five old ages the truculent Puritanism of Pius V, and, after his decease, frailty had once more 13 old ages of license ( 1572-85 ) under Gregory XIII. Sixtus V following imposed five old ages of cogency upon Rome, which cursed his nepotism and his inhuman treatment, and the Counter-Reformation was so over. It had consisted of 14 or 15 years’ impermanent suppression of certain frailties and ended in futility. Too much of Europe was now anti-Papal to allow the flashing license of the aureate yearss, and the exchequer had sunk by three-quarterss or more, but the metropolis and Italy once more became really corrupt.Yes I do believe that the Counter Reformation was a success, Counter-Reformation denotes the period of Catholic resurgence from the papacy of Pope Plus IV in 1560 to the stopping point of the Thirty Years & # 8217 ; War, 1648. So therefor since it was a resurgence, it had to be a success.

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The name, though long in usage among Protestant historiographers, has merely late been introduced into Catholic enchiridions. The effect is that it already has a significance and an application, for which a word with a different flow should possibly hold been chosen.


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