Catholic hospitals with rape victims Essay

I feel that the ethical considerations revolving the use of emergency contraception in Catholic hospitals with rape victims are weather or not the facilities can impose their religious beliefs on its patients. Catholics feel that a life begins at conception and that they should not aid in the destruction of a human life, even if conception happened with out consent. According to the assigned reading Catholic healthcare facilities are either not informing rape victims of the morning after pill, or not prescribing it, or not filling it in their pharmacies.The legal considerations involved are weather or not these facilities and their employees are breaching their patients right to be informed of possible treatments in their own health.

I personally think that all four basic ethical principals are being violated in these cases. When a healthcare provider refuses to provide you the necessary information to help you when in need. They are violating the beneficence ethical principle.

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When they don’t divulge the various types of possible treatments you can seek.They are violating your right to autonomy. When they don’t inform you and it changes your life by causing additional harm in the form of an actual pregnancy and its possible outcomes they are breaking the nonmaleficence principle. Additionally I believe that in this case the justice principle is also being violated because when they decide to treat you like a Catholic patient, instead of like an individual with your own moral, religious thoughts and convictions.

They are not treating you fairly in regards to your health and life choices.If I where a judge on this case, I would agree wholeheartedly with its decision. On the basis that there should be separation from church and health unless specifically outlined by the patients own wishes. It is my personal opinion that facilities should not be held responsible for carrying out morally righteous decisions and an individual’s life. Facilities responsibilities are to provide all possible and relevant information so that patients can make informed decisions.


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