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Christy Sanchez

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I believe in God, Father Almighty, and in Jesus Christ, His merely begotten boy, Our Lord, who was born of the Holy Ghost and of Mary, the Virgin, who was crucified under Pontius Pilate and buried ; on the 3rd twenty-four hours He rose from the dead ascended into Eden, and is seated at the right manus of the Father, from whence He shall come to judge the quick and the dead ; and in the Holy Ghost ; the Holy Church ; the remittal of wickednesss ; and the Resurrection of the dead. ( Apostles Creed )

I am Catholic, and this supplication that is said at church every Sunday encompasses my beliefs as a Catholic. Before I get into what I believe in as a Catholic, I would wish to give some background on the faith itself, because this has besides shaped my beliefs.

Catholicity comes from Christianity. Of all the faiths, Christianity is the most widespread and has the largest figure of members. ( Smith, p.317 ) Christianity is based on existent history, and they have historical facts to endorse up a batch of the thoughts.

The word & # 8220 ; Catholic & # 8221 ; is by and large taken to intend & # 8220 ; cosmopolitan & # 8221 ; , although the Grecian roots of the word mean & # 8220 ; harmonizing to ( kata ) the whole ( holos ) . In the ancient Church, it was used to mention to a individual, seeable Communion, separate from others, bonded together through religion in Jesus Christ ( web ) . As far back as the 9th century, St. Cyril of Jerusalem stated: & # 8220 ; The Church is called Catholic, because it teaches universally and infallibly each and every doctrined which must come to the cognition of work forces, refering things seeable and unseeable, heavenly and earthly, ? because it brings every race of work forces into subjugation to holiness, ? because it universally treats and heals every category of wickednesss, and because it possesses within itself every imaginable signifier of virtuousness, in workss and in words and in the religious gifts of every description. & # 8221 ; Catholics are followings of Jesus. Our journey begins at baptism, and we continue on that journey towards ageless felicity.

There are two chief thoughts that separate Catholicity from Christianity. The first is that Catholics believe in the Church as its instructor. This means that merely as you might necessitate a math instructor to explicate your text edition in a manner that you understand, we need the leaders of the Church ( Pope, bishops, and priests ) to construe the Bible. We shouldn & # 8217 ; t take everything the Bible says literally, and these leaders help us to use its instructions to our lives. The 2nd chief thought is that there are seven Sacraments ( baptism, confession, Communion, verification, matrimony, annointing of the sick, Holy Orders ) that we need to integrate into our lives so that we may populate the instructions of the Church. It is one thing to hear how we should populate our lives, but it is another to make. That is where the Sacraments aid. The Church has Torahs regulating the response of all the sacraments. Members are expected to seek and understand the significance of the Church & # 8217 ; s rites and to develop a full sacramental life style. ( web ) Catholicity has other instructions that are built-in to the faith. Followings are expected to populate harmonizing to the Ten Commandments of the Old Testament, the Gospel message of Jesus Christ, and the Torahs and moral instructions of the Church. The Church is officially against any racial or national standards for rank. It is a cosmopolitan church, and everyone is welcome. ( web ) There is besides no age demand to go Catholic, although there are age limitations on some of the Sacraments. Members of the Catholic Church are expected to offer Christian services within the Church and the community, and to be particularly generous with both clip and money to the hapless. Church members are expected to back up their church. However, no 1 is excluded based on his or her deficiency of fiscal parts. Baptism is required for rank. The Catholic Church requires its members to go to Mass on Sundays and Holy Days, and to take part in supplication services and jubilation of the sacraments. Those are the nucleus beliefs that day of the month back

to it’s earliest instructions.

Some of the beliefs that are heard about in more recent times, are the church & # 8217 ; s stance on abortion, the decease punishment, birth control/premarital sex, adult females in high church places, and same sex relationships. The church is opposed to all of these.

I was baptized Catholic, and raised in a Catholic household. I went to Catholic school, and made my first Communion, rapprochement, and verification at that place. I enjoyed my clip in Catholic school, and am thankful to my parents for seting me at that place. However, it was ne’er my pick to be Catholic, that & # 8217 ; s merely the manner it ever was. By the clip I was in high school, my parents allow me make up one’s mind if I wanted to go on traveling to Church on Sundays, and I, being a adolescent, decided that kiping in on Sundays was a much better thought.

I haven & # 8217 ; T attended church on a regular basis since so, but I still see myself to be Catholic, merely non a practising one. I plan to acquire married in the Church, and to hold a funeral at that place every bit good. It is a portion of me, and who I am, and I am glad I have that religion to turn to. My relationship with God is private, and I don & # 8217 ; t experience the demand to travel to Church every Sunday to keep that relationship. My ma ever allow me be exposed to other faiths, and taught me that I shouldn & # 8217 ; t justice anyone based on their spiritual beliefs. This has proven to be difficult for me, I sometimes tend to be elitist when it comes to my faith. Now that I have taken this category and learned about other faiths, I realize that my faith is right for me, but it might non be right for everyone. I appreciate the fact that my parents raised me with a religious background. I can & # 8217 ; t conceive of non being exposed to God. Although I sometimes take it for granted, I rely on my religion to acquire me through unsmooth times, and it has decidedly helped.

I think that one of the grounds that I no longer go to Church is because I find it really tiring. I think that a batch of the faith is out of touch. I want to larn how to use my beliefs to the here and now. In school I learned that God loves all, but the Church is unaccepting of homophiles. I have a job with that because I feel that it is non a pick, and they are entitled to populate their lives the manner that makes them happy. I hope that in the hereafter, the Church will accept them for what they are: God & # 8217 ; s kids. The Church is besides opposed to the decease punishment. The Church believes that anyone whose life is terminated in a gas chamber, by hanging, by deadly injection or by a fire squad is one of us-a human individual, a brother or a sister, nevertheless cruel and inhumane his or her actions may look. ( web ) That is likely the one thing that the Church has taken a steadfast stance on that I 100 % agree with. The two things that I 100 % disagree with is the Church & # 8217 ; s stance on birth control and prenuptial sex, or sex for reproduction merely. I know that the Church is taking a expression at this stance with the overpowering calamity of AIDS. Peoples should be able to show love, and it shouldn & # 8217 ; t & # 8217 ; affair whether or non they & # 8217 ; re married or want to hold kids. Peoples are deceasing of AIDS, and there are unwanted gestations that could be prevented by birth control. I am on the fencing about abortion. As a adult female, I believe in the right to take, but as a Catholic, I & # 8217 ; m non certain if it is taking a life or non. I decidedly believe that adult females should be able to hold the same chances as work forces do in the church. That is something that I see altering as the church evolves.

I plan on being Catholic everlastingly, and I am proud of my faith and spiritualty. My spiritual beliefs have made me a better, more compassionate, and stronger individual. I believe in life after decease, and look frontward to the terminal of my faith-journey.

I am glad that I was exposed to many other faiths in this category. It has taught me to be more understanding of differences. The Perennial Philosophy taught me that we & # 8217 ; re non all that different after all. Religion should be a pick, and although my parents gave me a foundation in Catholicism, finally it is my pick. And I & # 8217 ; m proud of my pick.


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