Catfish: Time and Nev Essay

Catfish Essay Social Media has changed and improved the way that we live today.

We can become friends with people who live on the opposite side of us in the earth. Also social media can combined the people who live in the south side of the earth with the people who live in the north side. People can share their pictures, check out what they interested in and can be in communication with each other by calling each other in video. But how can we know whether those people are saying the truth about their personality, which is name, age, and picture, or not.Usually we don’t even ask ourselves if these people could be totally faking than whom they really are. Nev Schulman, a New York City photographer, is an example of people who believe in the Internet world and got shocked.

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He has a Facebook account and has a couple hundred friendships. One day he got a painting in the mail from an 8 years old, named Abby. This was a painting of a picture that Nev took a few months back. Nev has surprised by her amazing talent.

Then, they became friends on Facebook. Nev talked a lot about her talent for painting.But the question is does Nev really know anything about Abby? He just knows about what he has read on Facebook and her photos. But does Abby really a talent and what she said about herself was true? Catfish is proving about the hard truth in Social Media.

In 2007, Catfish was created and produced by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. The documentary is full of deception, twists, lies, and conspiracies. In this story Ariel follows his brother Nev to know a family that he did not know any thing about except for what he read on Facebook.Nev becomes attracted with a talented young girl named Abby and her mother, Angela, and especially, Abby’s older sister, Meg. Nowadays, most people don’t involve making a relationship vie the Internet. Unfortunately, Nev Schulman find this out in a very difficult way.

He believed that this amazing young painter Abby has this wonderful family and has an astonishing talent for painting; but is Abby really who she says she is? Abby is an 8 years old who lives with her mother Angela and her father Vince. She has a sister 19 years old named Meg.Nev becomes involved with Meg from her pictures because he thinks that she is a gorgeous. Meg lives a few hours away from her family and owns a horse farm. Nev and Meg began a romantic relationship, without even meeting each other. After a period of time, Nev stopped to tell Meg another information more. It all starts when Meg sended a song that she covered. When Nev realized that the song is just someone else singing it, and he began to question what other lies Meg, and possibly her family could be telling him.

Nev and his colleagues went and make a surprised visit to Abby and her family. Before they even show up, they went out and checked out Meg’s farm, to find out if she even really lives in a same place that she said or not. Once they get there, they realized it was deserted and up for sale.

Early in the morning Nev headed over to where Abby lives. Angela, Abby’s mother, doesn’t look like her pictures, and neither does her father Vince. Nev now knows that his suspicions about this family are true. Catfish showed that the hidden dark truth about the risks that Social Networks obtain.Vince summarizes this very well by using an analogy about catfish. When he was a fisherman, he would ship codfish over to China, but by the time he would get there, the fish would be spoiled. He then tried placing catfish in with the cod, and they remained fresh by the time that they arrived in China.

Vince goes on to say that people are catfish too. Catfish are people who keep you on your toes, ones who make you really think about what they say and do. They keep things going and fresh. So why did the producers name this movie catfish you might ask?Abby’s family sent Nev on an adventure, with new twists and turns every day. I’m actually liked this movie. It was very interesting and full of surprises, and amazing.

I never would have thought that half of the things that happened in this movie were actually going to happen. I would give this movie a 4 out of 5 star rating. I would highly recommend this movie to, well, anyone. This movie helps get out the real and somewhat shocking truth about how risky it is to believe what we read on our “friends” Facebook pages.


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