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No. 7239147 Name POOJA PARWANI    CHOICEOF CAREER IN MANAGEMENT Statementof Purpose “The most importantinfluence in my childhood was my father “– DeForest Kelly. Just like Mr. Kellymy life too has been majorly influenced and inspired by my father. I inheritedmy love for reading from my father.

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My keen interest in debates developed afterlistening to him debate on various issues in our ethnic community forum. I gotmy first lesson in management from him, the way he divided his time among 3children.  I completed my Bachelorin Technology in Computer Science Engineering from Jaypee University ofEngineering and Technology.Along with honing my analytical skills, the exposuregave me a chance to learn programming and other software intricacies. I servedas a co-opted member of the JUET youth club’s literary wing for 3 years, duringwhich I organized various events for the club. It helped me develop leadershipand communication skills and also taught me some invaluable time managementskills. Currently I am workingwith Cognizant Technology Solutions as a Programmer Analyst.

Even though I wastrained in C# my first project with TGS put me in the role of a Front End Developerwhere in I had to learn AngularJS on my own to perform well in the project.Timely completion of deliverables without deviation from customer’sspecification under pressure is one of my key learnings from my firstproject.  When I moved to my next project with MOC, due to the smallnature of the team, I got the opportunity to be a part of the detailedrequirement gathering and overall problem solving for the customer along withdevelopment of features for the product. It was during this time I could usenot just my technical skills but also my analytical skill to solve problems forthe customer to provide a better solution, rather than justimplementing the solution provided by others.  The direct interactionwith clients and my fascination with business has motivated me to move fromtechnical roles to managerial positions.

I want to pursue PGP in management togain the necessary skills and business acumen to fulfil my goal of becoming aproduct manager. Both service and product focused firms relies upon differentversions of the product manager role to understand customer needs and marketinsights and turn these into new offerings. I believe this coursewill provide me with the critical thinking skills essential for assessingcustomer needs, competitor offerings and key trends in the market andtranslating this knowledge into a viable product for the company and thecustomer.

This course will further expand my horizons in terms of businessfundamentals, applying strategies and effectively communicating with clientsand investors.I want to study at IIMBangalore because it will provide me with an opportunity to learn from its highlyqualified faculty and peer learning from a highly diverse set of students. Also,IIM B is located in the start-up capital of India which gives me the advantageof having a closer access to the industry, especially the software sector.

  Thecurriculum here is designed in sync to industry needs, supported by practicallearning through case studies, live projects and group exercises along withsharing of industrial experiences by visiting faculties will help me to relateconcepts and theories to business realities and transforming me into a leader.


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