Cash Good, Credit Bad Essay

This is a paragraph introducing incentives in the workplace, according to Collins Online dictionary an incentive is “something that incites or tends to incite to action or greater effort, as a reward offered for increased productivity”. Employers usually give employers incentives if they are trying to achieve something out of them. There are Individual incentives, group/ team incentives and organizational incentives, all these will be discussed throughout this paper, as well as incentive systems that would work for this case “Cash is Good, Card is Bad”.Individual incentives With individual incentives systems, certain conditions have to tie together personal effort to additional rewards for them to work, such as with individual performance must be identified, Individual competitions must be desired and Individualism must be stressed in the organizational culture. With the performance of the employees, each as a responsibility or task that is different from other employees, and how this person performs the task should be identified.Competition occurs because the employee wants the incentive for him or herself and will put up a competition with the other employees but with having an individual incentive, everyone wins if they meet the incentive standards. Individual growth, achievements and rewards is what the company lives off of.

Commission incentivesReferencesMathis, R. L. , & Jackson, J. H. (2010). Human resource management. (13 ed. ).

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