Casey be strongly hinting guilt, but not

Casey Anthony stepped into the spotlight afterthe nervous about the future disappearance of her daughter, Caylee Anthony. Asthe story showed/told about, which included a wild family life, a plan of consand criminal behavior, many believed she was definitely guilty. The jury,however, felt differently due to events or objects that prove something thoughtabout believed by them to be strongly hinting guilt, but not proving it.Anthony was guiltless of the murder charge of her child, but she found herselfhated by the general population.

When she was 19, Casey gave her family onemore shock. Her parents suspected she was having a baby developing inside herbody. Later, she told her parents the truth about her being pregnant. Nobodyknows who is the father up to now, however, remained a mystery. Casey thoughtit was a different man, even her fiancé, Jesse Grand, as well as another manshe had dated before that or before now, who had died in a car crash. CayleeAnthony was born on August 9, 2005.

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Casey Anthony was arrested for child abandonmenton July 16, 2008. Caylee Marie Anthony was a two-year-old American girl wholived in Orlando, Florida. She had lived with her mother, Casey Marie Anthony,and her mother-based grandparents, George and Cindy Anthony.

July 17, 2008,officers search Casey (the mother) car and a dead body dog picks up the scentof human rotted, inferior, or ruined state. People who were in charge of doingthe investigation say the air sample test from the car point to show there werehuman leftovers in the trunk. As the search for Caylee increased, Casey Anthonycame under increasing careful examination of something for her actions in thedays before Caylee was reported missing including partyingThe case became anational very popular person on TV, the Internet, etc and many in the publicand the press were badly angered at Casey’s behavior. Casey was back in jail chargedwith forming or creating fake checks and identity theft and only eight daysafter being released. Then 25 year old was convicted of four crime counts ofgiving false information to a police officer. Lawyers who try to prove peopleguilty argued Casey who didn’t report her daughter missing for a month, chokedher by wrapping duct tape around her head. They said she kept the body in thecar until dumping it in the woods near her Florida home.

In Anthony’s defense,the girl drowned in an above ground swimming pool and the girl’s grandparentstried to cover it up. The defense also said Anthony was treated or used in avery mean, unfair way by her father and brother. In the end, lawyers who try toprove people guilty proved Casey Anthony was a liar, but convinced the jury oflittle else. The government did not establish how Caylee died, and they couldn’tfind her mother’s DNA on the duct tape they said was used to kill from cuttingoff the air supply her.

After a trial of a month and a half, the jury took lessthan 11 hours to find Anthony not guilty of first-degree murder, irritated ormade worse murder without intent to kill and irritated or made worse child verymean, unfair treatment. The Florida Department of Children and Families hadmade a decision that Casey was responsible for her daughter’s death because heractions or the lack of actions of being careless and resulted or added and ledthe death of the child. And just this month, former Circuit Judge Belvin PerryJr., who was at the trial, suggested that Anthony may have killed Cayleewithout any advance planning when she was using chemical that causes unconsciousnessif you breathe its vapors to calm her.

She was convicted of four counts oflying to police though two counts were later dropped, and served about threeyears in prison while waiting for trial. A thousand people were there to seeher released. She admits that she lied to police: about being employed atUniversal Studios; about leaving Caylee with a baby supervisor; about tellingmore than one person, both of them imaginary, that Caylee was missing; aboutreceiving a phone call from Caylee the day before she was reported missing. She now is currently living in South Floridawith Patrick McKenna, a private investigator who piece of worked as the hintresearch worker on her case in the 2011 inspection in the death of herdaughter, two-year-old Caylee. McKenna also employs her, and she helps him withhis current cases by doing social media hunt and other types of investigativework, according to the Associated Press.

McKenna is also known for his work onthe O.J. Simpson case, the former NFL champion who was charged and lateracquitted in the death of his wife, Nicole Brown University Simpson. Besidesworking as a researcher, the 31-year-old tried to start her own photographybusiness last year. She started a Twitter bill for her fellowship causephotography LLC but the page has not been active since August of last year.

Itseems like Casey ravel the social media profile her and was flooded with inputabout her trial from other users and she decided to stop using the platform. Over the years of the trial, Casey has beenspotted a few times out in Florida on multiple occasions socializing anddrinking with her friends. I believed that Casey Anthony is guiltily eventhough she was proven innocent. She now lives her life in guilt knowing whatshe has done. 


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