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     Case Study #2 Versailles: TheAllies’ “Last Horrible Triumph”Amanda GoldsonChamberlain College of NursingHIST 410 Contemporary HistoryJanuary 2018 Thevarious provisions of the treaty are set up to harm Germany in variousdifferent ways. It is basically out to abolish Germany’s economy and nationaltogether. It is stripping Germany of everything and taking control overGermany.

The treaty is putting Germany responsible for the war and all thedamages and losses incurred by the enemies. Germany is responsible to compensatethe enemies an amount chosen by a commission that is designated by the opponents,with no input from Germany about their funds and if/what they are able to pay.Paying that amount will leave Germany bankrupt and without funds to rebuildtheir nation and economy from the damages they also incurred themselves fromthe war. That commission also has power to distribute Germany such as theestate of a bankrupt. Germany’s rivers are controlled by an international body.The foreign authorities are able to build railroads and canals on Germany’sterritory at their will. The Germans that are abroad are stripped of the possibilityof continuing old relations in foreign countries and allowing Germany a part inworld commerce. Their possessions has been seized and liquidated.

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Germanywould have been treated completely different if the principles by PresidentWilson were applied. In President Wilson’s speech he acknowledged that “no singlefact caused the war, but that in the last analysis the whole European system isin a deeper sense responsible for the war, with its combination of alliancesand understandings, a complicated texture of intrigues and espionage thatunfailingly caught the whole family of nations in its meshes,” If everyone wasaccountable for the role they played in the war instead of putting all of the blameon Germany, Germany would be treated very differently. Their economy and nationwould not be under attack and being seized by other nations. They would not bebankrupt from the debts of the war being “their fault” and therefore their responsibilityto pay out money for damages and losses. President Wilson wanted peace andequality.

Everyone would be able to rebuild and recover if everyone wasaccountable. Putting the blame on Germany is a spark to another war starting.What the other nations was doing to Germany would only cause retaliation and Germanyfighting for what belongs to them. If the principles that President Wilson statedwere applied Germany’s economy would not have been destroyed, the nation would nothave been broken up and parts sold to the highest bidder. Other nations wouldnot have been in such an uproar if there was not a single nation to put theblame on. Nations would have to find ways to work together and rebuild.

Thefundamental law the document is appealing to is the “inalienable fundamentalright of every state is the right of self-preservation and self-determination.”According to this fundamental right, the burdens made on Germany are incompatible.Putting this right into practice was one of the goals for the war. There areseveral incompatibilities against Germany in the document. Tearing the Germansaway from their native land against their will is incompatible withself-determination. Also, the separation of Danzig from German Empire andbecoming a free state is incompatible.

Another example is the termination of thetown Memel. I completely agree with the authors of the articlethat Germany was poorly treated. Everyone played a part in the war. Putting theblame on just one empire isn’t right or fair.

What about all of Germany’sallies that were a part of the war and fought with Germany. They also played apart when they got involved. If anything they should have been part of theblame not just Germany. All of the allies coming together and forming a treatywithout any input or including Germany was also wrong.

The war did damage to everycountry involved. On top of the damage Germany had already endured, the treatmentGermany received after was poorly. Germany was stripped of its country and power.Then broken up and sold to the highest bidders.

ReferencesComments of the German Delegation to the ParisPeace Conference on the Conditions of Peace. (1919, October). Retrieved January12, 2018, from


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