Case Study of the Modern Ruin in Santa Fe, New Mexico Essay

Modern Ruin( Picture 1: Modern Ruin )Modern Ruin located in Santa Fe, New Mexico, the USA. Santa Fe is sub-tropical clime, perennial controlled by Subtropical anticyclones. It should be hot and dry during full twelvemonth.

However, it is chilly in the winter and warm in the summer due to high lift. Temperature varies greatly between twenty-four hours and dark during summer. Santa Fe is desiccated, with less than twenty percent humidness sometimes. Because of this sort of clime and conditions conditions, people need to construct the different signifiers of edifice to accommodate to the clime and intents. To be more specific, they need to construct a house which is cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Modern Ruin achieves certain invention based on fulfilling people’s basic demands of following clime.As for traditional Pueblo architecture, people prefer to put in few doors and Windowss so that retain heat during the winter and keep cool during the summer.

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However, in order to accomplish these sorts of conditions, Modern Ruin adopts two window schemes. First, all Windowss are little, because little window can forestall sunshine in the twenty-four hours and warming loss quickly at the that provide comfy indoor temperature for occupants. Furthermore, Santa Fe is a really dry country, blowing dust is inevitable. The design of little window besides can avoid come ining into the house. Second, most of Windowss are face towards north way. Harmonizing to the flight of Sun, the north-facing Windowss decrease the direct sunshine efficaciously.

The entry of this edifice faces towards north way. This is non merely good to avoid cold air current in the winter, but besides make accomplishment of cross airing in the summer. The out-of-door air remain its original temperature enter into indoor country, and so blend with indoor air in the procedure of flow.

In fact, heat exchanges harmonizing to the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor and all the internal surfaces. As organisation of RIBA points out natural airing has several benefits such as low running cost, zero energy ingestion and so on. Natural airing besides regard as healthy life environment factor.Modern Ruin is organized in an “L” shaped program.

The corner of the “ L “ becomes a courtyard to some extent. The signifier of courtyard edifice is peculiar significance for waterless parts. First ground is the design of courtyard creates airing and regulates the flow of air. It can convey fresh air into indoor country. Most of the ancient Pueblo architecture besides applied courtyard( Picture 2:Litermolded program )Because of high temperature in summer, maintain cool temperature becomes important demands from occupants. Therefore, Architect decides to utilize overhanging roof above the window which can stop the sunshine in the summer. In this manner, overhangs avoiding direct sunshine and supplying more comfy environment for people to populating. As image 3 shows, overhanging provide shadow for occupants so that people can sit comfy under there.

Furthermore, designers besides use roof to diminish internal temperature. The roof of Modern Ruin is level, non like Gothic architectures have steeples. The level roof helps to retain the H2O and diminish the internal temperature. Other convenient for occupants is supplying a topographic point where can dry materials which they want.

The design of green roof besides becomes a originative portion in this edifice.( Picture 2:Overhangingabove the window )A Case Study on Inflation, Interest Rates and Business Confidence Essay

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