Case Study of Organizational Culture and Change in Spotswood Essay

This essay would analyze the instance survey Spotswood on the position of Organizational civilization, alteration, power and political relations in an administration. Before an in-depth analysis of the instance survey, some positions of celebrated authors will be looked at on their position of organisational civilization, alteration, power and political relations in an organisation.

1.1 Brief Story of the Film

We have shed visible radiations about the tools this essay would utilize to analyze the instance survey but the essay is non complete without presenting our instance, Spotswood is about a mocassin mill that is on the brink of bankruptcy and the exclusive proprietor of the concern has merely brought a adviser in to measure the state of affairs at manus and give his managerial advice. Our instance survey would be farther discussed utilizing the construct, alteration, power and political relations.

2.0 BODY


( Weick, 1995 ) . Change is a state of affairs that interrupts normal forms of organisation and calls for participants to ordain new forms, affecting interplay of deliberate and emergent procedures that can be extremely equivocal. In this of all time dynamic environment which the universe has become, it would be really unwise for an organisation to transport on making things the same manner, this means every organisation ever has to alter their ways of making thingsChange in most instances have been seen as a response to external environments ( Barr, Stimpert and Huff, 1992 ) but this is non peculiarly so, Vermeulen, Freek ( 2010 ) ‘says alteration is needed when inventions decline ‘ This shows that Change can besides come about from an internal thrust to make so, Change can be used to halt modus operandis, conveying up inventions and besides good for restructuring, Huczynski & A ; Buichanan ( 2007 ) gives assorted ground for alteration is drawn in the tabular array below.

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WHY CHANGEEXTERNAL INTERNALChanges in sociocultural valuesNew merchandises and service design inventionsNew TechnologyLow public presentation moraleNew stuffsHigh emphasis and staff turnoverChange in client demands and alteration


Rival activityInadequate accomplishments knowledge baseLegislationOffice/factory resettlementChanging domestic and planetary conditionsInventions in the fabrication procedurePolitical displacementsNew thoughts on how to present service to clientsAdapted from Huczynski & A ; Buichanan ( 2007 )In the instance of Spotswood The Balls mill trigger for alteration which was internal because it was caused by the debut of a adviser in individual of Mr. Wallace who was non satisfied with the manner the mill was been run came in as the alteration agent, Buchanan, David ( 1999 ) The alteration agent is defined as any single seeking to reconfigure an organisation ‘s functions, duties though the external factors for alteration might hold non been glowering in our instance. From the internal position it is clear that The Balls mill needed a alteration due to the fact that invention was missing. Vermeulen, Freek ( 2010 ) ‘says alteration is needed when inventions decline ‘ .

For the fact that a demand for alteration is noticed it does n’t intend it would be carried out in the right mode Kotter ( 1995 ) highlighted some measure ushers and simple formulas and they are stated belowEstablish a sense of urgencyForm a guiding allianceMake a visionCommunicate the visionEmpower people to move on the visionCreate short term winsConsolidate betterments to bring forth farther alterationInstitutionalize new attacksColin A. Carnall ( 2007 ) If people understand what is to be achieved, why, how and by whom it would assist in accomplishing coveted alteration. In The Balls mill Mr Wallace wanted a alteration but he did non establish alteration in the manner the employees would experience alteration is necessary, the workers ne’er felt a sense of urgency, there was no vision for them to work with to cognize the way the mill was heading.Beer & A ; Nohria ‘s ( 2000 ) alteration theory E & A ; O would besides be used to analyze the instance, they believed that there are different dimension to alter Analyzing these theory critically would demo that the difficult and combined theory were apparent in the instance, Mr Wallace attack to the alteration at the mill in the beginning was the difficult form ( Theory E ) he was merely about maximising net income for the proprietor, he could non see pass the dollar $ and the cents, Mr Wallace the alteration agent besides had to travel through a alteration to cognize that there is another manner to pull offing the crisis at the bulls mill which is the combined theory of alteration which is besides stated above this is explained further in the tabular array belowDimensions of alterationTheory Tocopherol( Hard )Theory O( Soft )CombinedE & A ; OGoalsMaximise stockholder valueDevelop organizational capablenesssExplicitly embrace the paradox between economic value and organizational capablenessLeadershipManage alteration from top downPromote engagement from underside upSet way from the top and engage people belowFocusEmphasis construction and systemBuild up corporate civilization: employee behaviour/attitudeFocus at the same time on the difficult ( constructions and systems ) and the soft corporate civilization )ProcedurePlan/establish programmesExperiment and germinatePlan for spontaneousnessReward SystemMotivate through fiscal inducementsMotivate through committedness ( wage as just exchange )Use incentives to reenforce alteration but non drive itUse Of AdvisersAdvisers analyse problems/shape solutionsAdvisers support direction in determining solutionsAdvisers are adept employees who empower employees


It is slightly possible to alter the manner people do things without them responding to the alteration, ( Cobb et al.

, 1995 ) . How people are treated and how the alteration is implemented can hold considerable influence on employees ‘ opposition to alter. This brings us to the word opposition. Watson ( 1982 ) as cited by Piderit, Sandy Kristin ( 2000 ) “ The most prevailing manner of analyzing opposition is to see it as a reactive procedure where agents embedded in power dealingss actively oppose enterprises by other agents ” Peoples resist alteration if they do n’t cognize the what, why and how a alteration would be carried out, In our instance two mills handled alteration in different ways. Peoples can actively or passively resist alteration. In the dormacks mill there was large rioting which shows an active manner of defying to alter while in the instance of bulls factory the people accepted the alteration verbally and failed to implement the alteration, this is seen as a instance of inactive opposition. Employees inactive opposition to alter is the most common one we see in present twenty-four hours Organizations.As a contrast to what most authors feel about opposition.

Ford, Jeffrey D. ( 2009 ) sees opposition to alter has a feedback, He explains that most directors merely expect opposition and have failed to gain that opposition can be used to be after organisational alteration better.True leaders listen to their criticResistance can be used as a resourceChange the alterationBuild engagement and battleComplete the yesteryear2.

2 CULTURE- ( Morgan 1997 ) defined Organizational civilization as the set of beliefs, values and norms, together with symbols like dramatized events and personalities that represents the alone character of an Organization and provides the context for action in it and by it. Understanding the subject organisational civilization would do you easy understand why organisations act in assorted ways.Culture as frequently been studied at the surface, people tend to believe civilization can be learned or developed but civilization is really really abstract but its deductions are really strong, Understanding civilization would do u discern why organisation behave in certain ways. ( Schein 2004 ) defined civilization as a form of shared basic premises that was learned by a group as it solved it and internal integrating, job of external version that has worked good plenty to be considered valid and hence taught to new members as as the right manner to comprehend, believe and experience in relation to those job.Schein ‘s construct of civilization has its critic Collins ( 1998 ) , critiqued Schein ‘s construct of “ civilization ” as reserved for deeper degrees of basic premises and beliefs that are either taken for granted or unconscious. He said in peculiar that Schein locates civilization non in a topographic point, but in ( pre ) linguistic, unconscious, mental phenomena.Scholars from the strategic direction field says organisational civilization has been badly defined, the male parent of the Resource based position Jay Barney as cited by Grant ( 2005 ) identifies Organizational civilization as a steadfast resource of great strategic importance that is really valuable. Every good thought has its critics, This essay would overlook these critic ‘s and talk of civilization on Schein ‘s position.

Schein states that civilization is to group what character is to an person, this means that civilization is the character of a group. The major job of understanding civilization was because civilizations were non differentiated into degrees of seeable civilization and the unseeable but which can be called the kernel of civilization, To understand civilization better in our instance survey Scheins ‘s ( 2004 ) degree of cultural analysis would be used.Looking at the tabular array we can utilize all this degrees to spot the degree of civilization in our instance survey,Artifacts – this are the physical environment that can easy be observed in an administration e.

g frock codification, office layout etc. Scheins ‘s ( 2004 ) Artifacts can be easy observed but they are really hard to construe, unless you spend more clip in an administration, Mr. Wallace could easy detect workers were have oning mocassin but could really non truly interpret why they were all seting on mocassins. This shows our noticeable civilization can be observed through artifacts but besides how hard it could be used to understand civilizationEspoused Beliefs and Values- This explains the doctrine, ends, schemes that a an person or a group of people adopt, the Espoused beliefs and values ever mould the artifacts, In the bulls factory the proprietor Mr bulls had a doctrine of handling employees with regard and even when concern was bad he believed that this people were is greatest assets while Mr Wallace doctrine was all about net income devising and sees employees as tools of accomplishing that.Basic Underliing Assumptions-When a manner of making things have been tested over clip it becomes an premise by this manner if u survey a group of people with a peculiar premise you would happen small or no fluctuation in their belief or manner of making things, Peoples in this group would by and large believe that there is no other manner of behaving or making things e.g. A concern adult male premise is that concern is meant for net income devising any other premise apart from that would be hard for him to absorb. In bulls factory the mill workers had an premise of the manner work should be done and they ne’er thought of any other manner of working so came Mr Wallace with his ain belief of how work is supposed to be done, Mr Wallace new no order manner of working and he was so surprised to see people working in such mode Douglas ( 1986 ) ‘says we will be maximally comfy with people who portion the same set of premises and really uncomfortable and vulnerable in state of affairs where different premises operate, because either we will non understand what is traveling on or worse we will misperceive and misinterpret the actions of others, .


In assorted sentences or statements you would hold heard statements like the thirst for power. In an Organization, power which is a step of an ability to command their environment is really of import. ( Robert et al. , 1998 ) defined power as the ability of one societal unit to act upon the behavior of another societal unit and to accomplish their preferable state of affairss or result.

( Ferris et al. , p. 127 ) defines political relations as the ability to efficaciously understand others at work, and to utilize such cognition to act upon others to move in ways that will heighten one ‘s personal and/or organisational aimsPower is doing person or a group of people do what they would non hold done otherwise, Power can be gained through assorted signifiers and they include Availability to information, accomplishments and expertness, contacts and societal confederations. There have been different dimensions of power which is the unitary, pluralist, structural and the relational position of power.

For the intent of this essay we would merely be discoursing on the relational position of power which is one of the recent position.The relational position of power is against the fact that power has merely been looked at from the position of the individual exerting it, The relational position of power believes that if A can do B make something he would non hold done otherwise, It is rather likely that B for his portion is capable of doing A make something he would non hold done without B ‘s intercession. ( Crozier 1973, p.214 ) . This position draws is work from Gallic and Corvus corax ( 1958 ) who claimed that there are five bases of power which areReward powerCoercive powerReferent powerLegitimate powerExpert powerPower bases is depends on how others perceive it.

In the instance it was so obvious that Mr Wallace was perceived to hold power which was based on legitimacy and expertness, Legitimate power is been perceived when others think person has power to exert authorization within the place he or she occupies while expertness power is been perceived when others see an person as person who has solution to jobs. Mr Wallace was seen to hold power that was invested on him power by the proprietor of the mill and was besides perceived has powerful because he was seen to hold cognition and solutions to jobs.Politicss in Organization exist but is frequently avoided, Jo Silvester as cited by Pfeffer, Jeffrey ( 2010 ) Politics is largely seen as the dark side of an Organization but it is non wholly so, Organizational political relations defined by Allen et al.

, 1979 p.77 ) is the Acts of the Apostless of influence to heighten or protect the self involvement of persons or groups belief about political relations is that it is merely used for self involvement, This does n’t besides sound wholly true in the fact Politics is besides needed in an organisation to force the best of thoughts that is of benefit to the organisation. A more across-the-board definition that supports the clam that political relations can be used in a right mode is that of ( Ferris et al. , p. 127 ) that political relation is the ability to efficaciously understand others at work, and to utilize such cognition to act upon others to move in ways that will heighten one ‘s personal and/or organisational aims.

For the kernel of the instance state of affairss where political relations were used for self involvement and besides for the good of the administration would be pointed out. Kim ‘s after office hr meeting with Mr Wallace could be seen as a political act of self involvement, Besides Mr Wallace ‘s spouse ‘s use of the brotherhood of dormacks is besides an act of political relations of ego involvement, Too much of people with this sort of political behavior is unsafe to the administrations aims. Mr Wallace besides played political relations on behalf of the mill when he allowed Kim move to the consultancy house Pfeiffer, Jeffrey ( 2010 ) in his diary power drama explains that a better manner to cover with a challenger is to Remove rivals-nicely and this was what Mr Wallace did to acquire rid of Kim because all his programs run contrary to that of the mill3.0 DecisionThis essay has studied administration in the context of alteration, civilization, power and political relations, Its been noticed that all this three portion of an administration are linked and to be an effectual director must be vast in all this facets. This linkage would be discussed farther below.

3.1 LINKING CULTURE, CHANGE, POWER AND POLITICSIn the existent universe these three facets of an administration work interchangeably, It is impossible to ordain a alteration without utilizing power and political relations Schon ( 1963 ) as cited by Buchanan, David ( 1999 ) argues that “ title-holders of alteration “ can anticipate to meet opposition to new thoughts, and that political behavior is by deduction desirable, Besides to alter peculiar ways people in an administration do things besides means altering either portion or the whole civilization. Schein ( 1992 ) argues that as civilization becomes entrenched in an administration, it bit by bit loses its flexibleness hence going a hinderance to the administration ‘s alteration and success. For alteration to be successful by a alteration agent, the alteration agent must first survey and understand the civilization, usage power and political relations to do them purchase the ground for the alteration before really implementing the alteration.


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