Case Study Of General Insurance Business Essay

Case Study Of General Insurance

What is the significance of nature of concern? It means the type or general class of concern or commercialism which are depicting.

Mr. Steve Low is a director who is working in Tahan Insurance Company. He has about 32 old ages working experience in General Insurance Industry attached with 4 International and Local General Insurance Companies. Mr. Steve Low has 2 old ages experience working as selling executive, 20 old ages as Branch Manager and 10 old ages as Vice president for southern Region of Penesular Malaysia.

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Its merchandise includes fire insurance, motor insurance, personal accident insurance, marine lading insurance and more. For an illustration, if you buy fire insurance, it can assist to cover loss or harm to the stocks and other contents such as fire, illuming and domestic detonation, aircraft, temblor and volcanic eruption, storm, storm, inundation, detonation, impact harm ( including ain vehicle ) bursting or overflowing of H2O armored combat vehicles apparatus or pipes, public violence, work stoppages and malicious harm.Why we need these services? Harmonizing to Mr. Steve Low this services can supply prompt and immediate services to both our intermediates and the clients. The channels of distribution are through their mediators ‘ i.e. General Insurance agents, insurance agents and direct corporate clients.

The degree of engineerings used computing machine to run the concern.The administration construction means that the manner an administration arrange people and occupations so that its work can be performed and its end can be met. The administration construction of insurance can be divided into three offices which is shown in the diagram below.

Each administration has different occupations and character that they need to be responsible in the things that they take portion in. Employees are responsible to specify what they do and describe to their director. So that, the subdivision office ‘s director will describe to regional office and regional office will describe to head office. The strength of the company is it has assorted type of insurance i.

e. about 60 insurance merchandises to offer to the market. It has strong leading in the direction degree, hardworking and delicate staff to back up the administration. It besides has strong channel of distribution to accomplish our direction end i.e.

large squads of insurance bureau force and insurance agents support and strong base of corporate client. In add-on, it besides provide prompt and immediate service to our mediators and clients i.e. we expertise our service on both policy issue and claims colonies.Therefore, the benefit is it has 24 hours and worldwide protection for accident decease and lasting disability. Furthermore it will besides hold medical disbursals, bereavement allowance, hospital income, travel allowance, ambulance fees, decorative surgery ensuing from accident and more. Furthermore, the failing of the companies is it high staff turnover due to stiff market competition in labour force.


In an administration, planning is considered one of the most of import and major maps in pull offing a house.

Planing set up ends and aims to prosecute in the future period. The map of be aftering spans all degrees of direction from top directors to middle directors. Top directors are involved in strategic planning which sets board, long scope ends for the administration. These ends are the footing for short scope, one-year operational planning during which top and in-between directors determine a specific section aim that may assist the administration to do advancement towards the broader, long scope ends. Planing normally includes the word ‘where ‘ , ‘why ‘ , ‘how ‘ and ‘what ‘ .

For illustration, where you want to travel, why you want to travel at that place, how you will acquire at that place, what do you necessitate in order to acquire at that place and besides how will you cognize if you ‘re there or non. A good planning agencies good stewardship. Each success in any ventures requires careful readying and organises be aftering. Without proper planning and readying, we are about to neglect in whatever we do. Besides, a good planning besides helps to conserve natural resources and it will besides salvage your attempts, clip and money.

Manager ‘s program involves puting up ends and aims, and specifying the actions which is necessary to accomplish the ends, in visible radiation of the state of affairs. That is, the state of affairs must be analyzed or understood and the appropriate ends and actions must be determined in order to take advantages of chances or to work out jobs. Directors throughout the organisation must develop ends, scheme and operational programs for their work groups that contribute to the success of the administration as a whole. Puting ends for company helps director to steer their squad couples to obtain success. Manager does non merely put ends for the employees but the end that is set has to be explained exhaustively to the employees so that it helps the employees to understand the importance of the ends better. These ends which are set for the employees can assist them to construct a friendly squad environment in the workplace. An effectual end scene can be a difference in between run intoing a deadline for any important undertaking and falling short of success.

Goals and aims provide the administrations with a warrant that can find a class of action and farther ushers them in fixing for alterations in the hereafter. A end is defined as a hereafter province which an person or an administration strives to accomplish. For each end that an administration sets, it besides includes an aim. An aim is a short term vision and mission with mensurable consequences. Without a clearly organised ends and aims, administrations will confront jobs organizing activities and calculating future events.There are four basic maps of organizational ends which is they provide counsel and way, motivate and inspire employees, facilitate all planning ‘s, and assist administrations to measure and command public presentations.

Organizational ends non merely assist the administration to be after for the hereafter, but it informs all the employees where the administration is traveling and besides how it plans to travel at that place. When employees are needed to do of import and tough determinations, they can mention to the administration ‘s ends as counsel. Goals promote be aftering in finding how ends will be achieved. Employees normally set a end in order to fulfill their demands ; therefore ends can actuate employees and increase occupation public presentation.

Evaluation and controlling will let the administration to compare its existent public presentation to the administration ends and so do any accommodations if necessary. Why is it of import for a director to put ends? This is because ends can impact single public presentation through four mechanisms. First, ends can direct actions and attempts towards end related activities and remain off from unrelated activities. Second, ends energize employees. Employees will set in more attempt in disputing ends compared to easy ends. Third, ends can impact continuity. This is because employees exert more attempt to accomplish high in disputing ends. Fourthly, ends can actuate employees to do usage of their exist cognition to obtain a end or get the cognition which is needed to make a undertaking.

Goal puting properties is one of the topics of extended research. Examples of the four properties are trouble, specificity, committedness and credence. There is a survey which shows that there is a direct relationship in between end specificity and employee public presentation. Less ambiguity is involved and higher public presentation is obtained when the end is made more specific. When employees are given “ make your best ends ” , they do non hold any external mention to mention in which they can mensurate their ain public presentations. For illustration, a director tells a gross revenues individual to “ make the best you can ” is an highly ill-defined stated end that will non increase public presentation. However, if a director says “ increase gross revenues by 10 per centum ” is a much more specific and clearly stated end that encourages high public presentation because the employees had all the past gross revenues record as their mention? Goal trouble besides has a direct relationship with public presentation. Studies show that more hard ends lead to higher public presentations, every bit long as the end which is set does non go excessively hard that employees perceive them as impossible.

Manager should non put any unreasonable ends for the employees because unreasonable ends frustrate instead than actuate the employees. On the other manus, a hard but realistic end does non merely increase public presentation but besides motive. Research states that employees are extremely motivated when the chance of obtaining a specific end is more than 50 per centum.A director must besides put single public presentation aims for the employees. Puting public presentation aims per employee is an of import portion in direction which allows administration to accomplish strategic end by spliting it into several Numberss of sub-goals.

There are a few stairss in single public presentation aims set by the squad leader or director which is appoint and carry on a meeting with each employees to depict his or her occupation and undertakings, reference and make a list of duties for the employees, and develop equal single public presentation aims based on the employee ‘s major maps and duties.“ An employee asks her supervisor for feedback on a recent enterprise which she developed for the section. The supervisor responds, ‘It seems all right, but it turns out that it is non what the director wants them to make.

The supervisor meets with one of his staffs and informs her that she is behind in her work and demands to treat a minimal figure of points in a twenty-four hours, no alibis. ” These illustrations clearly illustrates state of affairss that may originate when an administration have non develop a public presentation direction system. Lack of lucidity in develop the staff ends, deficiency of alliance between employee ‘s ends and administration ‘s ends, deficiency of communicating on precedences, all these state of affairss can be avoided through the effectual implements of a public presentation direction system.In the interview for our coursework, the planning procedure in TAHAN insurance company is their cardinal success in their organisation for accomplishing ends.

Besides that, planning is besides a design of the organisation ends. Planning is a measure or process of how to accomplish the aims for the organisation. On another manus, their planning besides look into the chief power and resources which the company have in order to administer the occupation map to each person or section to accomplish ends. Last, be aftering helps them to place who is responsible for the targeted end to accomplish.


What is organizing? Organising is one of the four overall maps tend to include basically everything that directors do in the direction procedure. Organizing involves finding the undertakings to be done, which will make them, and how those undertakings will be managed and coordinated. Directors must organize the members of their work groups and administration so they information, resources, and undertakings flow logically and expeditiously through the administration. Organising besides includes shaping and delegating authorization and duty for determinations to enable undertakings to be carried out efficaciously.

Issues of organizational civilization and human resource direction are besides related to his map.Organizing is really of import to a company and when it comes to concern leading, this will be one of the most of import maps that procedure in a company. This map has been making to assist company running with a perfect status. This can assist a company to organize more absolutely and nicely. If a company without these of import maps, a company will lose control and occur many jobs that prevent a company addition volume of net income in the market. So, to forestall this sort of incident happen, they create this map to work out all these jobs.

How does a director use the resource to run into the aims? Actually, the function of a director is really hard. He needs to guarantee that all resources are aligned to concern scheme. Besides that, a director besides needs to guarantee that this scheme are efficaciously and efficiency.

Duty is besides of import to a director because this besides include the line direction and development of employee. These occur to do certain both achieve organizational aims and for employee personal are turning.Manager ‘s accomplishment can be divided by two chief classs which are public presentation direction and line direction. In public presentation direction, a director needs to execute some extra undertakings such as: administration design, function definition, engaging employees, end scene and deputation, planning and resource allotment, decision-making, and communicating and coverage.In the administration design, director demand to do certain that the administration design is fit for intent in order to back up the effectual executing of concern scheme.

In function definition, a trough must be good defined including accomplishments, capablenesss, cognition, intent of the function, cardinal answerabilities, duties, and experience needed to execute the function. As a director, engaging employees is of import. Manager has to be diligence to happen employees by hunt, select, interview hire and retain suited employees to do company gain more net income.In the end scene and deputation, a director must hold accomplishment to puting SMART aims, which are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Results-Oriented, and Time-bound. These public presentation aims can convey success to a company and should be expressed, written and agreed to do certain that both parties understand what is expected and what will be a successful result. Planning of work and aligning is portion of director work. Manager must make it with a scheme and concern precedences manner to do certain that works gets done in clip and absolutely.As a director, a batch of decision-making occur.

Manager must take many different determinations from different type of plants and do certain all work are done it without any job occur. If director ‘s work confronting a job, as a director, he or she must work out these jobs to finish all plants. In communicating and coverage accomplishment, director must hold a clearly communication accomplishment compare to other senior directors. It is because director is ever caput of those workers, so as a director, he or she must hold this accomplishment.As a director, he or she needs to actuate their employees. This can assist to actuate and prosecute them to execute a well and first-class public presentation. A director should organize his or her worker to feed back any remarks. This can assist director to cognize staffs better and construct a strong relationship between staffs and director.

In the development, director must able to placing countries of growing such as content cognition, accomplishments and behaviours. Besides that, director should holding with employees ‘ development stairss and supplying the necessary support to assist them. So, they will do it go on such as paying for preparation, giving clip off or supplying on-the-job preparation chances with new undertakings.At public presentation assessments, director must execute rating that should go on officially. It is because there must at least yearly and regular interim assessments such as quarterly. At public presentation betterment, director must understand appropriate and so supply them developing, back up them, mentoring them or training them as needed to assist employees accomplish an appropriate degree of public presentation in order to make the end.Besides organising, a director besides needs to hold planning, taking and commanding accomplishments.

These accomplishments are really of import to a director every bit good as a company. Without these accomplishments, a company will non last in the conflict of market. Then, the company will lose to other rivals and confronting bankruptcy job. So, a company must hold a good director with good accomplishments to file away the successful in the conflict of market.Organising is a basic needed for a director. Without these utile accomplishments, the individual can non go a good director because it will take the company to failure. So, as a director, he or she must hold these accomplishments in order to assist company gain more net income. In other words, director “ MUST ” get all these accomplishments in order to go a good and adept director in a success company.

What are the common resource use jobs faced by a company? There are three cardinal countries which a director needs to concentrate on. These three keys are cognizing, making and mensurating. There are some causes in cognizing. The first cause is because the director does non cognize the use rate for yesterday and today, much less for what will be forecast tomorrow. Second cause is the director does non cognize what the per centum of billable employee is until the terminal of the month. In order to bring around this, directors need to hold existent clip studies which shows utilize rates and historical tendency by single or company.

However, there are besides some causes in making. The causes in making are billable employee does non hold any entree to agendas, that is why they can non see alterations or do updates. Therefore, the company must provide a robust nomadic device for employee to let 2 manner updates and continual synchronize. Last, the causes in mensurating are directors can non see use over a period of clip, by employee or company. To bring around this, directors must do certain that employee studies show use, realisation and charge against quotas.


As one of the four maps of the direction, taking can be both highly of import and disputing. Leading is really of import for a director as a director needs to take the employees in the company in order to allow the company become more successful in the market.

A director should besides endeavor to go an inspiration to the remainder of the employees.In this instance, the employee will merely follow and esteem the director. A director that is an inspiration means that the employees will follow the director because they believe in what the director is making and they will seek to assist the company to file away its ends.Finding ways to animate employees is besides means that training them and actuating them to win as built-in parts of the company.On the other manus, the ways that a director leads will greatly affects the employee morale within the section and company as a whole.

Directors should make a clime that encourages new thoughts and employee input. This will allow the employees feel that they have a say in the company and they will willing to portion thoughts and effort to happen better ways to better the procedure.For illustration, a good director will honor the employees with pecuniary or benefits inducements if they can increase the end product of the merchandise.Another thought is a hoarded wealth box of dainties.

Manager can put a end early in the hebdomad and employees who meet the end by the terminal of the hebdomad are allowed to take a award from the hoarded wealth box. Besides that, when during the meeting, the director should besides praise the employee who are making good in their occupations.This will allow the employee go more aggressive in their occupation in order to allow the director to praise them more as when the director praise them, they feel happy and besides experience proud among the other college. This can besides do the other employee become more aggressive when they saw the other employee was praise by the director as they besides want the director to praise them.Communication accomplishment is really of import between a director and an employee. An effectual leader must besides hold an effectual communicator. If a director does non hold a good communicating accomplishment, he or she will easy hold wrangle with their employees and he or she will hold a bad relationship with their employees. This will impact the procedure of the company when a director is selfish and do non like to pass on with the others.

On the other manus, a director that portions information and lets employees cognize the latest intelligence in the company is person that is deemed trusty by his or her employees. Besides that, a director should ever hold a good relationship with the employees. For illustration, the director can be after some activities for the employees in the company, such as household twenty-four hours, assemblage, or party. These activities can allow the relationship between the director and the employees become better and they besides know each other better.Besides that, the director can besides cognize more about the household background of the employees.Furthermore, a good and effectual leader will animate his or her employees, which allows those employees to experience that they are doing a meaningful part to the company.The employees will besides work harder for the company and besides take more ownership in their occupation place.

This can intend happy clients and a higher degree of client service. A great leaders in an administration will impact the employees they supervise.Besides that, they besides inspire others employees in the other portion of the company.This will do the whole company go more effectual. Effective leading is infective and it should be spread to as many countries of the administration as possible.

By making this, will ensue in a highly-coordinated attempt to delight both client and employees.A good leader must besides be understanding towards their employees.For illustration, when one of the employee have some personal jobs and they could non come to work for a hebdomad, as a understanding director, we must understand he or her job and besides go through his or her work to other employees. This will allow the employees feel that the director is understanding and is besides a good director.They will besides be more trueness to the company when they feel that they work for the right company. Besides being understanding, a good leader should besides be caring and helpful to their employees. For illustration, when one of the employee household member met an accident, need a amount of money, the director should assist them to roll up contribution and besides soothe them. This will do the employee feel that his or her foreman is helpful and caring towards them.

The employee will besides experience thankful to the director and besides seek to refund his or her kindness by making a good occupation in their work. When the other employees see this state of affairs, they will experience that their director is a sort, lovingness and besides helpful foreman.A leader is besides the theoretical account among the employees. He or she has to demo a good illustration to the employees in order to allow the employee to follow their stairss.For illustration.

a leader should come to work at an earlier clip.When the employee saw their director is earlier than them, they will besides larn from him or her. Other than being a function theoretical account, a leader must besides be responsible for what he or she and the squad had committed.For illustration, when the employee have done incorrect something, the director have to be answerable to the direction.After questioning the director in TAHAN insurance, we knew that the director usage motive to take the employees, as motive is the cardinal factor to drive the squad member to file away maximal tallness in the operation. Besides that, a good director should exert the leader by illustration to the squad member by demoing them that they are acquiring a full support from their director.

To acquire a good relationship with the squad member, the director has to work manus in manus with the squad member.On the other manus, a director should assist the employee to work out the job that they encounter. The director should besides steer the squad decently in order to run into the mark of the administration. A responsible director should besides maintain a crisp oculus on the companies ‘ day-to-day operation. The director must do certain that the company is operationing good.

In add-on, the director should besides exert honoring system to team member who did good or file away a good consequence in their work.By comparing the two theory and survey instance, we can compare the maps of the director. In theory, director usage animating to take the employee, while in survey instance, the director usage motive to take the employee.

Besides that, director becomes the function theoretical account of the employee in the theory while the director becomes the function of illustration in forepart of the employee in the survey instance. Other than that, in theory, director have to hold a good relationship with the employees, while in survey instance, director keep a good relationship with their employee to guarantee that they archive the administration ends.As a decision, taking is really of import to a director as he or she need to take a company with a squad of employees. Besides that the director has to hold good communicating and relationship with the employee. Without taking, the whole administration will non be successful as the employees do non listen to the director. Therefore, a director must take their employee good to guarantee that they met the company ends and besides do the company celebrated in the industry.


In theory, commanding is one of the map of director which it is of import that this map can assist to look into the mistakes and to take the disciplinary action so that divergence from criterions are minimizes and declared ends of the administration are achieved in coveted mode.

In direction controlling can be define as the procedure of modulating organizational activities so that existent public presentation conforms to expected organizational ends. The stages of commanding are expecting the things that could travel incorrect and taking preventative steps to see that they do n’t, supervising or mensurating public presentation in some manner in order to compare what is really go oning with what is supposed to be go oning and rectifying public presentation job that occur which this is the curative facet of control. Examples of controls are deputation ( answerability ) , rating ( public presentation ) , fiscal statement ( budget direction ) public presentation direction ( observation and feedback ) , policies and processs ( behaviour in workplace ) , quality control and operation direction and in conclusion hazard, safety and liabilities. There are four of import stairss in commanding which is set up criterions to mensurate public presentation, step existent public presentation, compare public presentation with criterions and take disciplinary actions.Establish of criterion is the first measure in commanding as a criterion is a unit of measuring that can function a mention point for measuring consequences. Manager should exert control by comparing public presentation to some criterions and ends.

There are a few type of criterion which are touchable and intangible criterions. Tangible criterion are clear, concrete particular and by and large mensurable while intangible criterion is relate to human features which are non expressed in footings of Numberss, money, physical qualities or clip. It can be desirable attitude, high morale, moralss and cooperation. Tangible standard consist of four criterions which is numerical criterions, pecuniary criterions, physical criterions and clip criterions. In numerical criterions, it can be expressed in Numberss of point produced, absences, per centum of gross revenues and etc.

Monetary criterions can be measured in footings of money which is net income borders, cost and etc. Other than physical criterion can be categorized by quality, lastingness, size, weight and other factors related to physical composing and in conclusion clip criterions can mention to the velocity with the occupation is to be done like the undertaking completion day of the month.Measure existent public presentation is the 2nd measure as it ensures that it complies with the established criterions. Most of the administrations will fix formal studies of public presentation and hebdomadal meeting to mensurate how the director performs. These measurings should be related to the criterions set in the first measure of control procedure.

For illustration, if gross revenues growing is a mark, the administration should hold a agencies of assemblage and describing gross revenues informations. The step of existent public presentation can be done by personal observation, written or unwritten study about employees, automatic methods and review, trial or samples.Comparing public presentation with criterions is the 3rd measure as this measure compares existent activities to public presentation criterions. When the director read the computing machine studies or walk through their workss, they identify whether existent public presentation meets, exceeds, or falls short of criterions. Typically, public presentation studies simplify such comparing by puting the public presentation criterions for describing period alongside the existent public presentation for the same period and by calculating the discrepancy. That is the different between each existent sum and the associated criterion.Taking disciplinary action if necessary is the concluding measure in the control procedure.

Adjustment, fine-tuning, and possibly drastic action may be necessary to draw off of import undertakings or to keep criterion. When public presentation deviates from criterions, directors must find what alterations, if any, are necessary and how to use them. In the productiveness and quality-centered environment, workers and director are frequently empowered to measure their ain work. After the judge determines the cause or causes of divergence, he or she can take the 4th measure which is the disciplinary action. There are some few illustrations of disciplinary actions which are doing a determination to retrain a new employee whose public presentation has non progressed as expected, switching several employees from their normal occupations to assist run into a deadline on another occupation, reding an employee whose public presentation has late been below the criterion, censuring an employee for failure to adhere to safety regulations and closing down a piece of equipment for care after faulty end product is traced on it.Features of effectual control system consist of controls need to concentrate on appropriate activities, controls should be seasonably, controls must be cost effectual, control should be accurate and concise and control should be accepted by people they affect.

Control needs to concentrate on appropriate activities mean effectual controls must concentrate on critical factors that affect both the person ‘s and the administration ‘s abilities to accomplish aims while controls should be seasonably can specify as information needed for comparings and control intents need to be in direction ‘s custodies in order to do effectual disciplinary action. Delaies in bring forthing, garnering or circulating information can protract the happening and extend of divergence. Other than that control must be cost effectual as this benefit of utilizing appropriate controls should be worth their cost of installing and operation. Too much of control can be worse than excessively small. The key is to supply appropriate for the state of affairs and supply salvaging greater that the cost involved.

Furthermore control should be accurate and concise as control must supply information about operations and people in sufficient quality and measure to enable directors to do meaningful comparings to operation criterions. As with control, excessively much information can be every bit bad as excessively small. Last controls should be accepted by the people they affect as controls and their pertinence to specific state of affairss should be communicated clearly to those responsible for implementing them and to those who will be governed by them.In the interview for our coursework, the commanding in TAHAN insurance is director should follow up closely on the day-to-day footing on all the sections operations to guarantee that they have achieve their ends, service criterion and KPI ( cardinal public presentation indexs set by the company.

Other than that, hebdomadal selling meeting should be conducted to supervise the selling activities and marketing consequence from each seller. To place the job country arises from the seller and help them instantly to decide in order to accomplish immediate consequences. Furthermore, accent on consequence orientated to all sections or persons to accomplish ends and behavior hebdomadal merchandise control meeting in order to better their fiscal standing.By sing both theory and the instance survey, we can compare one of the maps of director which is commanding. Manager usage commanding to place the job country arises from the seller activities in the instance survey while in theory director besides use taking disciplinary action stairss to place the job that happen in the administration. Other than that, in theory portion director usage commanding to mensurate existent public presentation which this measure is to see how the director perform by sing them in day-to-day meeting while in the instance survey, commanding is how director follow up closely on the day-to-day footing on all the sections operations to guarantee that they have achieve their ends, service criterion and KPI ( cardinal public presentation indexs ) which is set by the company.

As decision, commanding is of import as many variables that can set things off piece of land. Because anything affecting human is imperfect, direction must utilize control to supervise advancement and to do intelligent accommodation as required. Other than that if director proctor persons, sections, and the administration so the desired public presentation will be reached. Without the controlling, the whole administration will go be non successful and the worker will make their ain thing without the control from the director which will take many jobs to the director. Therefore, director should command their administration good to do the organise to be celebrated in the hereafter.


In decision, we think that planning, taking, organizing and commanding are four most of import map of direction.

These maps are really of import for the administration. It is because these maps help in puting overall ends of the administration and the best method to finish these ends. They help the administration in acquiring the people together and accomplish most wanted ends. It besides helps in detecting and trip the resources for accomplish of these ends. Therefore, the efficient and effectual working of an administration is dependent on these four maps.

Planing involves in puting up mission statement, place the ends of the administration and finding the activities and resources that needed to accomplish, whereby directors should make up one’s mind what to make, how to make it, when to make it and by whom it is to be done. If there is no planning at that place will no concern intent.Furthermore, taking dramas a really of import portion in the concern administration. A leader is construing person who sets the manner in an attempt and motivates people to follow that way.

If there is no good leading the concern will non make its intents. It is like a ship with no skipper. Every successful concern involves affectional leading to to the full do usage of the accomplishments of staff in order to accomplish the agencies of the concern.In doing administration, people who are organised usually complete much more than disorganized people. This is besides same as organized sections or concern.

Those directors who can organize the administration map nicely will bask a much smoother ownership in the direction place. Sing organizing, successful leader will organize their staffs, manus over undertaking, assign duties to employees and find the way concern will work.The significance of control in concern is the procedure whereby direction ensures that the existent works tantrum in with the fixed ends and planned activities.

The purpose of control is to maintain divergences from planned activities so that the ends can be done with fewer jobs. Hence, commanding involves measuring and supervising public presentation, comparison with set criterions, indentifying discrepancies and taking disciplinary action.To reason, a good leader will decidedly achieve the planned activities of an administration with lesser jobs and will take needed action if the administration deviates. A concern with no vision is nil and with a good leader the concern will run into its aims.


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