Case Analysis: National Publishing Company Essay

Problem Definition: Perception of children of higher age group towards the magazine “Titli” as a magazine for younger children. Situational Analysis: “Titli”, a children’s fortnightly vernacular magazine published by National Publishing Company is market leader in the children’s periodicals segments. Despite an active advertisement campaign, promotional schemes and withdrawal of another leading children’s fortnightly named “Children’s delight” is showing a downward trend in its circulation.The circulation of children magazine has climbed a peak in 1986 then there was a gradual decline in the circulation in this segment.

Mr. R. Saxena, Marketing manager of the company had commissioned a study by a professional market research agency for gaining deeper understanding of the situation and to obtain inputs which would assist him in decision making. He is in deep pressure to revert back the declining sales and market share of the Titli magazine.Strategy: National Publishing Company should come up with a new magazine called as“Titli plus” which will be targeting the age group ranging 12-14 years (i. . VIII- Xclass). Supportive arguments: Based on study, it is evident that with increase in age group the readership is increasing till the age of 11 years and after that it is decreasing sharply.

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This could be attributed to the changing preference of the children in this age group. Lapsed readership rate (which is near about 57 %) also shows that children of age group 12-14 years are more discontinuing Titli as compared to younger age group. Study also revealed that buyers discontinued buying Titli as they have actually given up buying all children magazines.Major portion of leisure time by this age group is spent on reading books and magazines apart from watching TV. Course of action: * Titli plus will cater to the needs of grown up children who want to switch from children’s segment to some what knowledge based domain.

. They want the magazine which will be supplementing their studies and broaden their knowledge base. Children of higher age group prefer stories which inspire, motivate them and have deeper meaning. They are interested in thought provoking articles on general and social issues.Parents also want a magazine which will inculcate values of responsibility and develop personality and self confidence in their child. * New magazine will have certain salient features like current affairs, general knowledge based articles, recent discoveries and inventions, creative science projects, career guidance article, motivational stories of real life heroes, moral based short stories, sports information and some news from entertainment world and posters. The magazine will be attractive and information delivering will be in exciting manner.Extensive advertisement campaign and publicity in the other magazines of the company along with the newspaper will be done.

Bundling of magazine along with existing. Market study report tells us that there are 68. 3 % household whose size is 3 or more and there is high probability of children of various age group in these households. Also their will be discount on those who will subscribe the magazine in initial 6 month of its launch.

* These magazines will be available in stationary shops which are frequently visited by students. This will increase the reach of the magazine to the children.There will be demonstration of new magazine in senior secondary schools and its advertisement will be focused in stationary shops and school periphery. For facilitating buying personal copies the magazine will be associated with coupons with numbers, which at the end of 2 months will be taken by sales personnel and the subscriber will be given discount on next issue. * Household size of more than 3 comprises 88% of the total households thus there are more chances of different age groups readers. By offering readers discounted bundled edition of Titli and Titli Plus we can garner more circulation.


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