When the infection sinks in it blocks the ability to hear and can cause permanent hearing loss if it happens often, his food allergies could cause him o not be able to get the vitamins or nutrients he needs to get better. 3.

Should the screening team’s recommendation for Parker include a referral to his physician? Why? Yes it should, because if he has perminate hearing loss the physcian can give him help with some information on aids to help hear better also on information on how he could better his speech and other ways of communication. 4. What behavioral Signs of hearing loss might you expect Parker to exhibit?He may exhibit some frustrations on hearing what others ay, he may have a louder volume than others, may lash out if he does not understand what is going around him or does not respond when called upon. Also may not socialize with other children due to the lack of commnication. 5. What strategies might the development team suggest to Parker’s mother and grandmother for improving his speech development and communication skills? They may suggest that he go to speech therapy or a rehabilitation center for children or provide them information on how to communicate better.

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