Carl nationalistic idea, in the Swastika the

Carl Finnemore1/22/18MLA Report              The Swastika symbol had a different meaning inthe past and now has some different meanings today.

The swastika is an ancient symbol often usedas an ornament or a religious sign. The swastika is in the form of a cross withthe ends of the arms bent at right angles in a given direction, usuallyclockwise. The swastika has been found on Byzantine buildings, Buddhistinscriptions, Celtic monuments, and Greek coins. Swastikas were widely usedsymbols among the Indians of North America and South America.

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The clockwiseswastika was adopted in 1920 as the symbol of the National Socialist Party ofGermany. As such it came to be one of the most hated symbols in the history ofhumanity. It came to stand for all the evil associated with the Nazis as theygained control of Europe before and during World War II.

After the Alliesdefeated Germany in 1945, they banned the display of the swastika emblem.(Smith,”Swastika”)The Nazi’s, led by Adolf Hitler,built a large number or detention facilities and prisons to contain those whowere seen to be enemies to the state. These “Concentration Camps” were made upmostly of German Communists, Jehovah Witnesses, homosexuals, and most otherswho showed deviant behavior. After the German were annexed, the ConcentrationCamos were flooded with Jews.

A number of these camps were “Forced Labor” and”Prisoner of War” camps. In these camps, thousands of the prisoners died fromexhaustion and starvation. To kill off large populations of the Jews, theywould be set to “Killing Centers”, where large masses of people would begassed.

Although Hitler used theSwastika, it was found to be used more than 5,000 years prior! The wordSwastika literally mean “Good Fortune” or “Well Being”, how ironic? AdolfHitler gave his own twist to the Swastika that made it such a hateful symbol.Hitler gave the symbol its own meaning, that being, “In red we see the socialidea of the movement, in white the nationalistic idea, in the Swastika themission of the struggle for the victory of the Aryan man.” Its hate filledracist intentions are very clear, it wasn’t innocent to the Nazi’s and it isstill a negative symbol today with the White Supremacists.

There was so much more to theHolocaust than just the Concentration Camps. The Nazi’s staged boycotts of allJewish shops and goods. Nazi storm troopers stormed the streets and blocked theentrances to stores and flaunted signs that read as such, “Germans, defendyourselves against the Jewish atrocity propaganda, buy only at German shops.”In an effort to synchronize the community, the Nazi’s even went to the extentof burning books. Hitlers goal was to bring every individual under his powerand rule the way that he wanted it done. There was no room for anyinterceptions!There were three differentpolice forces under Adolf Hitler’s rule. First was the Ordnungspolizei “regularpolice” followed by Sicherheitspolizei “security police” and last was theSicherheitsdienst “security service”.

The Nazi police force was put in place toensure that you followed the rules, or you paid the price. They worked put arule that if you said nothing, no harm would come to you. If you didn’t agreeor like what was happening, you were best off to keep it to yourself or, youwould pay the price. Of course, many people did not vote for the Nazi’s.

Thosegroups of people were under heavy surveillance to insure they were kept undercontrol.  The police were allowed toarrest with only suspicion. They did not have to have any actual cause or proofto seize somebody. Once taken in to custody, individuals were made to signthemselves into prison or be beaten until they did. If neither were a success,the signatures would simply be forged. Holocaust themass murder of Jews and other groups by the Nazis from 1933 to 1945.

Themuseum, which is in Washington, D.C., features films, photographs, eyewitnessaccounts, and various objects from the time.

Its facilities include a libraryand an interactive learning center.The museum’spermanent exhibition is arranged to follow the history of the Holocaust. Itbegins with the rise of Nazism during the 1930’s and concludes with the Alliedliberation of concentration camps (camps for prisoners) at the end ofWorld War II. The objects on display include a train car used to take Jews toconcentration camps.In 1980, Congress established the United States HolocaustMemorial Council to oversee the construction of a museum honoring the victimsof the Holocaust. Funds for constructing the museum came entirely from private donations.The museum opened in 1993.

(Holocaust Memorial Museum)   Work Cited Smith, Whitney.”Swastika.” World Book Advanced, World Book, 2018,www.worldbookonline.

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