Career of Fitness Trainer Essay

Within some last years there was no public problem in the United States, which affected our society more then the problem of obesity and overweight. For decades American people are in absolutely terrible physical shape and almost every second citizen is overweight, while many are obese. Unfortunately, numerous measures of our government, specialized organizations and enthusiasts on promoting physical activity and healthy life-style do not improve this situation: such measures just help to keep it somehow under control.Moreover, various problems and negative outcomes, connected with children’s obesity, remain especially critical nowadays. According to recently publicized research of the team of American medical specialists under the leadership of Dr.

Hugh D. Allen of Columbia Children’s Hospital, approximately 30 million of 80 million children are under serious threat to die of heart disease in their middle ages, unless present social trends in our country as to fitness and healthy life-style change. (ISSA Course Catalogue, n.d.)It is known that obesity is closely linked to many other diseases and disorders, both for children and adults.

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First of all, it affects skeletal structure of child’s body and can cause hard orthopedic complications. Besides, it can cause different emotional and psychological problems for children, affecting their proper development. Overweight can bring to diabetes, difficulties with breathing or blood pressure. In many cases it considerably limits physical activity of obese and overweight people, putting their life into severe limits of the connection “workplace – home”.This everything proves that qualified experts and specialists in fitness are in great need for our society. Such specialists have to take a very important mission on promoting the advantages of fitness and health care programs, motivating people for changing their life-style and doing more and more physical activities on regular basis, supporting it with healthy nutrition and absence of pernicious habits, like smoking and drinking alcohol.

Moreover, healthy life-style advocates have to make our society understand that staying fit and healthy is not something unnatural or extremely hard, which takes lots of efforts and resources. Historically, humanity has been developing due to its physical activity, and only for some last centuries scientific and technical progress changed the direction on radical reducing of human physical activity and allowing us to remain static all the time. But, actually, being fit is absolutely natural for any human being and, if a person has good health conditions, it does not require working till total exhaustion and overtiredness.I myself came to my first fitness trainer when I was 13-year-old. I was a little overweighed and wanted to build some muscles. With a group of other students I used to have trainings three times a day in a private athletic club.

I’ll never forget my first trainer, Tony Williams, who was a true professional on this field and could motivate anyone for spending hours for stretching and exercising. He made me understand the importance of trainer’s professional approaches and personal identity for making children go in for sports and physical activities.Tony became a good friend of ours and we used to spend more time in the club instead of hanging around on the streets. He organized a real community with special rules, laws, traditions, competitions and victories. Later on, when I moved to another city, I missed this unforgettable spirit a lot.

That is why I continued serious trainings and used to visit different gyms for doing my regular program, until I found the best one in a recreation center.Very frequently I had to help people with their weigh lifting exercises, give my opinions or exchange experiences. I started getting interested in fitness as a life-style and tried to broaden my knowledge as much as possible, learning more and more about healthy nutrition and eating habits, human anatomy and even psychology. I got many friends, who used to appreciate my enthusiasm and true devotion to fitness.

Therefore, they frequently asked me to create individual programs for them and work with members of their families, aiming to remain fit or to lose some extra weight.Soon, my popularity in athletic circles grew up and helped me to get an offer for official job in a fitness center in my city. I was asked to get a license and be seriously ready for all the difficulties, connected with this profession. Thinking over this offer, I realized that after having experienced miraculous effects of fitness in my own life, I passionately want to share this miracle with all people around me. This job is a real challenge for me! That’s why I made up my mind to join this program and become a certified fitness trainer.

Working in a club will change my life pretty much, and I am very excited and thrilled about those changes. Firstly, I’ll receive opportunity to make a living with my most favorite occupation. I’ll have a chance to help many people to change and learn new things or achieve their various personal goals. I’ll have perfect advanced facilities for training in my disposal, so I can create complex and very effective programs. I’ll get free membership in the club, have my own client base and enjoy all the other benefits of being an employee.Undoubtedly, I hope to receive good theoretical and practical backgrounds for my future profession with the help of this certification program.

I believe that children/youth fitness trainer is one of the most prospective directions in modern fitness industry, which recently has a great demand and appreciation. Being a certified youth fitness specialist, I will be qualified to provide children with fitness teaching programs created especially for students of schools and colleges, including also working on individual basis.Before joining this program I have already had some experience of working with children as fitness consultant. That is why after receiving my certificate, most probably, I’ll try to develop my career in this very direction. I suppose, I am good in dealing with children and have what it takes to attract their interest to go in for physical activities regularly. To keep their interest on I always support my trainings with short educational lectures, aiming to teach them how to become fit and learn to integrate human body, soul and spirit.

From my experience I have learnt that there are some advantages of working as youth fitness trainer. It was always bringing very good emotional reward to me. First of all, I used to be very glad and enthused, when I could establish good personal connection with children and see their sincere response and feedback. Children need special individual approach: some have to be cheered up, some have to be calmed down or disciplined, and seeing the progress of every child is truly incomparable feeling. In addition, I know that such work can bring very good income, which usually varies from 40 to 120 dollars per hour.Another great advantage of this profession is its creativity. Doing some physical activities or exercises seems to be quite a routine, but in fact it is very entertaining and stimulating. Even when working with a team, I try to create some little individual program for every child to motivate him better.

Besides, my schedule will not be very busy and I will have some time to keep myself in good physical shape, to spend time with my friends and family, etc.Possibly, a little later I will choose to work on my own basis. Recently the demand for fitness and health-care programs increases, that is why many specialists decide to work for themselves with relatively small risk.

It is possible to create a little home gym as a facility for trainings and work as a private fitness trainer for children (or adolescents, as well). I can see many benefits in this idea, because practicing in such way will allow me to have flexible schedules and spend no recourses for traveling to work.I clearly realize that working as a certified fitness trainer on professional background will be connected with more responsibilities and efforts from my side.

I have to practice every day and keep all my skills and knowledge ready for being applied for my work. I suppose that the most important thing in this profession is to become a perfect role model for all my future students. Like Tony Williams, was for us, I want to be a good example for the children, who I am going to provide with guidance and inspiration. I hope to become a specialist with really high standards of professionalism.I truly believe that positive tendencies as to fitness and maintaining healthy life-style will continue developing in the United States. Specialists suppose that certain dynamism and activity of people can be stimulated by such modern trends as communication, interaction, traveling, etc.

Problems of health and well-being became topical matters of global concern; therefore, joining the efforts of world’s specialists and scientists on producing new technologies and fitness/nutrition programs, we can make our community healthier and happier.Bibliography:·         Course Catalogue: Program and Continuing Education. (n.d.

). International Sports Science Association. Retrieved December 3, 2006, from <>. 


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