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CAREER OPRTUNITIES & AVENUESAmidst huge population & growing technologies, the number of institutions, organizations are increasing rapidly which brings tough competition, increased stress level and sense of insecurity. With the rising demand of various domains in educational field, obsession towards western culture of completing studies as well as at work places, youngsters today are in state of confusion & low decision making power. Perusing higher studies or taking career into which direction is a big question in front of expecting eyes.

Peer following tendency and parents superimposition sometimes don’t let the child’s inner qualities and assets to grow or been shown to others. Students start believing the myth that except some few professions there isn’t any future scope in other studies & courses, which constrains their talent to be nurtured and finally they start facing the problems of depression, inferiority complex, lowered self-esteem and joblessness. All these negative facts increases de-motivation & lead to fading of talent.Understanding the current demand in the market, and self-judgment will let all students to choose the correct career path for them. Youth is not aware about the advantages of certain domain, courses. Some of these courses are really effective in obtaining the right job for a bright future.

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Some good caliber candidates, just due to lack of few value additions on their profile don’t get the desired job, which again brings the state of ┬ámorose, irritation & distraction from the job. So seeking proper career path and gaining extra add on to self-profile will make it profitable for them.In today’s scenario every potential graduate in each sector has a predefined set of jobs. It is the candidates’ choice in which they want to go ahead. Big and mid cap companies are always in requirement of multiple job profiles opening. Science graduates like Bachelors in science, Masters in science in stream of Physics, chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, economics, statistics etc. have certain sets of jobs for them in Government or research organizations and other private sectors.

The only thing is that graduates have to pitch the correct thing at right time; they should do a prior research on the opportunities open to them. Taking for another example; the stream of Engineering which is amongst most likely field for choosing as career option has many job openings after B.Tech graduation, but very few of them utilize the advantages of it in the exact stream. Graduates remain in state of confusion after Engineering, either go for Post-graduation or do MBA or go for Job in noncore company or a core company, or plan for some competitive exams or go overseas for Masters or plan to set up a business. Decision making is at low pace and thus the time goes by in such phase. In order to overcome the situation of being blank better look for alternatives in Career or jobs.

Start your search in lined manner, don’t hustle or jump in every domain keep yourself fixed to a single goal and target to achieve it. Choose counseling as one of the option as it will benefit in realizing your real potentials, counseling will even show you where you stand and what all improvements are required. For that matter choose a mentor who will properly coordinate in taking future steps. Opportunities come on way when we open ourselves, socialize and never take any openings for granted. Accept the challenges, face variety of interviews, meet as many number of people you can try to learn from mistakes. As failure is the first step to success, never dishearten with failures.

Career opportunities are open in sectors like Research, banking, PSU, private companies, Govt. dept., Teaching, Training etc. there are abundance of other options too, just make your own attributes stronger with time, and that time will pay you back.After attaining a position in any firm don’t worry about the increments, just give your best.

Worrying about job security in future may hamper the current work. But yes beware from any activity you find is wrong going on. Improve the power of understanding people and keeping balance in all your steps. Thus, grow in professional life, take trainings, workshops improve the caliber and chase the goals in proper directions.


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